10 Tools To Make Plastering Easier

10 Tools To Make Plastering Easier

Plastering is tough. It's a physical job. And don't even mention plastering ceilings. No need for the gym when you've got ceilings to plaster! However there are tools to make plastering easier. At CES we would of course recommend investing in or hiring a plastering machine if you really want to make things easier.

Even with machines, there are still key plastering tools you will need. CES have a range of plastering supplies that will save you time and ensure a quality end result. If you invest in the correct equipment you can eliminate that muscle strain and achieve perfect plaster. So let's get to it, here are the essential plastering tool.Get Expert Advice

CES's Top 10 Plastering Tools

Plastering Trowel

It sounds obvious doesn't it? Plasterers need a plastering trowel, also known as a finishing trowel. This is a crucial piece of kit. A plasterer with no plastering trowel is like Batman without Robin; it's one of the best plastering tools you can buy. This tool has a wide flat rectangular blade to smooth plaster after applying it to a wall or ceiling. This specialist plastering tool helps you quickly flatten and level plaster for a consistent finish. We recommend to invest in quality when it comes to the finishing trowel; cheap trowels will not last. Our top seller is this Marshalltown Gold Permashape Plastering trowel. This trowel is durable and importantly has a comfortable grip. Top quality plastering trowels benefit from flexible blades such as these OX versions. Finally, always ensure your trowel has a clean surface to get that desired smooth finish.

Plastering supplies Plastering trowel

Plastering Hawk

A hawk is another essential plastering tool. Designed as a portable tool to hold plaster, it allows you to apply plaster quickly and easily. The flat plate will store a small amount of plaster and speeds up the process since you don't have to keep returning to your main plaster source. It's particularly handy when plastering those hard to reach areas like high walls and ceilings. You needn't spend a lot on a hawk. However you may find that the foam or plastic versions are not as durable as the aluminium versions.  The key thing is to ensure your hawk is lightweight and has a comfortable grip. CES recommend this Marshalltown Aluminium Plasterers Hawk.

Plastering supplies Hawk

Bucket Trowel

Alongside your hawk, you will need a bucket trowel. It is a key tool for plastering walls. Your trusty bucket trowel scoops the plaster from the bucket to the hawk. As plaster is a weighty material you will need a robust one. However, this is a plastering tool you don't need to invest all those pennies in. Look at spending between £5-£10 on this plastering tool. This Ox bucket trowel will do the job perfectly.

Plastering supplies bucket trowel

Corner Trowel

Plasterers work is often judged on how even the finish is and how neat their corner work is. Corners are one of the toughest parts to get right and can make or break a plastered wall. A corner trowel is a very handy piece of kit allowing you to finish the more intricate parts with accuracy. They are shaped to slot into those complex corners creating a smooth finish quickly and easily. You will find corner trowels available for both internal and external corners.

Plastering supplies corner trowel


Mixing Bucket

A simple but important item to have to hand when plastering. A mixing bucket will have multiple uses and we recommend one that it at least 15 litres. A bucket is used for mixing your plaster so a fairly substantial and robust one is needed to cope with the bulky material. It is also useful to have a water bucket to keep tools clean. Always ensure your bucket is clean and dry prior to mixing to achieve the perfect smooth plaster.

Plastering supplies mixing bucket


Back in the old days, plaster would have been mixed by hand with a spade. However now there are electric tools that can do the hard work for you. It is worth investing in a quality electric mixer just like our Eibenstock Paddle Mixer. These powerful mixers come in a variety of specifications. They mix a whole range of materials including prefab, mortar, prefab plaster, render, cement, concrete quartz containing epoxy resin, flooring and sealing compounds, gypsum and granulates. A paddlemixer will save you time and mix your material to the perfect consistency.

Plastering supplies paddle mixer


Spatulas are the ideal tool to finish off walls, ceiling coatings, plaster and spray finishes. CES's Spatula Plus is the ideal tool for flattening and smoothing plaster or render layers. When finding the perfect spatula, ensure it have a soft grip handle to enhance comfort when spatting off. Also look for a lightweight design which will ensure you can keep working for longer. Stainless steel blades are perfect to ensure a rust-free and flexible tool that will do the job as well as stand the test of time.

Plastering Supplies Spatula

Plasterers Float

A float is a useful tool for finishing off you plastered wall. It is used for that final layer for one last pass over. The float will achieve a smooth and high quality finish. Within CES's plastering supplies you will find simple plastic floats as well as sponge floats. With a sponge float, the sponge is the perfect absorbency to glide across your newly plastered wall. It removes trowel marks, blends in lines and removes air pockets from spray application. CES's floats are incredibly lightweight to ensure less fatigue.

Plastering supplies float

Plasterers Rule

A plasterers rule or derby is yet another fantastic tool for smoothing and flattening plaster. The extra long flat aluminium blade covers a larger surface area with each pass. This tool does require using both hands due to the length of it as well as ensuring greater control to achieve an even and smooth plaster. Within our plastering supplies we stock a variety of rule options including feather edge rules, open rules, closed riles and I-rules.

Plastering supplies Rule


Essentially this tool looks like a large metal comb. It is used to scratch up the surface before a second coat is applied. It combs lines directly into the surface ensuring a much stronger bond with the next layer of plaster or render.

Ox-Scarifier-557x400It's a doddle

So there you have it. All the specialist plastering tools in one place. Not only do we have a comprehensive range of plastering tools available on our website, we also have a stock these plastering supplies in our on-site shop so pop in for a browse.

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