Blog: External Wall Insulation (EWI) Render Systems

Blog: External Wall Insulation (EWI) Render Systems

External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems are a growing trend in the UK. EWI Render Systems are becoming more popular due to the wide range of advantages these systems can offer to a home ownerForced Action Mixers For Hire

EWI insulates the walls from the outside, which helps to reduce heat loss in the cold winter and heat gain in the warm summer months. This can see a reduction in heating costs by up to as much as 40%.  As a result of this you receive a more comfortable living environment within the home; it also reduces the chances of damp walls and condensation within the home

The beauty of EWI Render systems is that they can be installed on existing houses, so they’re not just for new builds. The external appearance of the home can be brought back to life by using the range of coloured renders, brick effect and other specialist finishes available. With some older homes often significantly improved to the high standard of new builds.

So How’s It Applied?

External Wall Insulation systems can be finished with hand applied render. However this can be time consuming, so why not try machine applying?

  Machine applying a EWI System can reduce the amount of time spent on site and reduce strain on the applicators body; they can also reduce the mess created on site.
 The machine we recommend for Spraying EWI Systems is the InoBEAM M8. This handy peristaltic pump, accompanied by a small compressor can spray a wide range of EWI Render systems from a variety of material manufacturers including… Sto, Weber, Krend and Parex.


This machine will pump the base coat adhesive onto your insulation boards ready to be fitted to your wall. Once you have got all of your insulation boards in place and flat (You may consider using the Rokamat chameleon to sand your boards down, it’s hoover attachment really helps reduce mess) you can then add the spray nozzle and compressor to spray your base coat onto the insulation boards ready for the mesh to be inserted.

  Once the mesh has been trowled in and the base coat has set the InoBEAM M8 will spray your decorative top coat (thin coat render) onto the wall. You can then either leave this top coat un trowled (Which looks really nice if the person spraying can be consistent) or you can take a spatula to it followed by a finishing rub up with a plastic trowel.

You can see just how easy applying EWI Render systems is, here’s a demonstration day we held with Sto back in 2014… watch now!

If you would like some further information on spraying External Wall Insulation Systems please call us on 01494715472.

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