CES Hire & Covid-19

CES Hire & Covid-19

How CES Has Coped During Covid-19 Pandemic

CES are celebrating 2 years at their Cressex Business Park premises

This past weekend has been a key moment in many businesses reopening their doors. However, CES Hire have remained open throughout the lockdown. Of course they are a key part of the essential construction industry. As a small local business which has been established 37 years, the Covid-19 pandemic would surely have a massive impact on this plastering and rendering equipment hire company?

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Time To Pivot


Company Director, Nick Rogers

CES have soldiered on throughout the lockdown albeit with a skeleton staff at times. At one point they operated on just a team of three. Company Director, Nick Rogers said, “I have never experienced anything of this magnitude before. It has been quite challenging.” Nonetheless with a loyal customer base, the company managed to keep the business alive. They have continued servicing rendering spray machines, carrying on selling tools, consumables and PPE from the website and maintaining a limited hire of their mixing and spraying machines. Many businesses have had to pivot in these exceptional times. Equally CES have also sought to find ways to address the covid-19 crisis. Their QTech QT190S Sanitiser and Disinfectant Sprayer proved incredibly popular. It is a quick and effective way to disinfect large areas in offices, schools and hospitals. PPE has also been a big focus throughout, supplying businesses with gloves, masks and sanitiser.

What’s New?

europro8pThe Euromair 8P

CES have always remained optimistic. Not just content with standing still, have continued to move the company forward. During the Covid-19 lockdown, they launched their brand new, upgraded website. They are always endeavouring to make searching, sourcing and purchasing a smoother experience for the customer. They are also keen to help keep the economy moving and support other small rendering and plastering companies. This meant they have invested in a number of brand-new spray machines. These include the Euromair 8P and Minijet 80 as well as Putzmeister P11s, all pretty sizable bits of kit that make plasterers jobs quicker, easier and more efficient in comparison to applying materials by hand.

Putzmeister-SP25-DQR--scaledThe Putzmeister  P11

Recently the team have also worked hard to evolve in their product lines. They have established a range of paint spray machinery which complements the plaster and render spray machinery that has always been their niche. Marketing Manager, Jessica Jones said “This is a brand new corner of the market for us. However in the last year we have really been able to develop in this area. More and more painters and decorators come to know our name and see the benefits and time saved with the help of these superb pieces of kit.” Take a look at one of the paint sprayers in action over on our YouTube channel.

Onwards & Upwards


Operations Manager, Ben Woodward

The company continue to adopt an onwards and upwards attitude, striving towards the future. Now with a full contingent of staff returned (as with many companies, many employees were furloughed). Business is picking up again and the team find themselves busy once more. The trade counter reopened on June 15th and Operations Manager, Ben Woodward was delighted to welcome customers back through the door. He said “The last couple of months where the country has been in lockdown have been quite a struggle for our small business. Local support and support of our loyal customer base has helped us pull through. We hope we can continue serving and growing with strict social distancing procedures in place”.

Of course, the shop is looking that little bit different with the appropriate safety measures in place. Perspex screening and markers to indicate the two-metre social distancing. As well as a maximum of four customers allowed in the shop at one time. This month (July) also marks the two-year anniversary for CES since their big move to Cressex Business Park after 35 years on a much smaller site. These new premises have allowed the company to offer customers an enhanced experience. The creation of the on-site shop and a much larger overall site are certainly positives. As well as easy access for customers who travel from all over the country, just a stone’s throw from the M40.

The Future Post Covid-19

BBF-awardsIn more ‘social’ times

The Covid-19 Pandemic will be etched in people’s memories for many years to come. However this temporary pause will not stop CES from striving forwards.  Nick Rogers (company director) said “Looking to the future, our industry needs a good kick start to help the country get back on its feet again.” As ever, the company endeavours to make customers a priority. It is supporting plasterers, renderers, painters amongst other tradesmen getting their businesses going again after this strange and unique time in our country’s history.

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