From Oily Overalls To Glitz & Glamour: BBF Awards Night 2019

From Oily Overalls To Glitz & Glamour: BBF Awards Night 2019

Inspired By Sir David

Did you know CES boss Nick Rogers fancies himself as a bit of a David Attenborough? Well, you might not find him hanging out with the penguins on a slab of ice but you will find him doing his bit for the planet. Having grown up in Nigeria and realising how privileged we are in the UK to have access to fresh, clean water and plenty of it, Nick wanted to make sure we were protecting this precious resource and not just taking it for granted. Following a passion for protecting the environment, Nick began looking into the possibility of a jet-wash bay that recycles water. With support from Low Carbon Workspaces linked to Buckinghamshire Business First, CES were able to aquire a grant to help with the installation of the new jet wash bay and are now delighted that we are using 40% less water!

Water Down The Drain

CES pride ourselves in our customer service, so no matter how grubby and grimy our rendering machines get, we will do our very best to get them looking as shiny as possible before they go back out the door. Machines will often need quite a blasting to get rid of dried on plaster and render which inevitably uses an enormous amount of water. The new jet wash bay ensures that water is not being flushed down the drain but being recycled and utilised time and time again, helping us save 40% in our water useage.

The Future’s Bright; Forget Orange, The Future’s Green

Propelled by our new green status, we have been working hard to make other elements of CES more eco-friendly. Supplying our team with water bottles has eliminated the use of plastic cups and is setting us of in the right direction in reducing our single use plastics. We are keen to recycle here at CES from our card to plastics, we make sure we’re not contributing to that dreaded landfill. Nick has always been a stickler for those little things, like turning of lights (no we don’t sit in the dark) and closing doors when the heating systems are on over winter and will continue to champion these little things since, after all, every little helps! Toolbox Talks have been a great platform for discussions with the team regarding energy and water saving within the company and how we can go further to do our bit to maintain our eco-friendly outlook. For us the future’s bright; forget orange, the future’s green!

Bubbles And Bling At Bucks Business First Awards

Back in April 2019 we submitted our entry for Low Carbon Workspace in the Buckinghamshire Business First Awards and were delighted to hear in July that we were finalists. Six months after entering the awards process we donned the gladrags and off we went to the glitzy Awards Night held at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. Bucks Business First and associated sponsers put on an absolutely fantastic evening, compèred by ex-profession athlete Derek Redmond. It was night of fun and laughter (see our photobooth pics), filled with plenty of bubbly (note Carl, double parked with the Moet) and delicious food (as seen with the team chasing down the incredible canapes literally on exit of the kitchen!) We were in great company with some amazing SMEs with great stories to tell that really fly the flag for Bucks and it’s small yet hugely successful companies. Whilst it wasn’t our night to take away any silverware, it was a night that celebrated us as a company and a night we will remember (well some of us anyway) and be proud of. Reaching the finalist stage and attending a brilliant evening has just spurred us on further to go bigger and better and hopefully bring back an award next time.