Helpful Tips To Know Before Using Your Small Spray Paint Machine Tuesday 04/01/2022

Helpful Tips To Know Before Using Your Small Spray Paint Machine

Before You Go In All Guns Blazing...

Whether it be customer demands or nags from the wife, we all want to get that paint job done and done quickly. Speed is one of the main draws when it comes to using a small spray paint machine but as always there is preparation to be done before you go in all guns blazing (if you pardon the pun!). Preparation is often deemed as the boring part; however, it is essential and actually leads to a speedier job overall. So, check out the following tips before getting started with your spray paint machine and you'll achieve that perfect paint finish in no time.

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PPE Is Key

PPE spray painting

We're all used to life with masks now thanks to Covid. However, masking up is extremely important when it comes to using your paint spray gun machine since you don't want to inhale what can be toxic fumes and overspray. It is a legal requirement to wear PPE when spray painting. CES would recommend wearing a respiratory mask, gloves and safety googles as well as long sleeved clothing and proper work boots for further protection.  It is also crucial never to point the spray gun at anyone and take care to point it away from yourself. With a spray gun pushing out over 3000PSI that can cause serious injury as it acts just like a needle puncturing the skin. You must immediately go to hospital if this happens since paint injected into the body can be fatal. All machines are supplied with a tip guard and we recommend using this to prevent injury. Please ensure your fingers or any other body parts are never in front of the spray jet.

Mask Up

Deltec-blog-picNot only is a respiratory mask important but masking up with the tape variety is also key for a smoother process and faster finish. Cover up anything you don't want to get paint on; this is where pre-masked drop film and carpet protection really comes in handy for quick preparation. Don't forget CES also stock a range of painters tape that are ideal to use for painting projects as they ensure crisp lines and clean, no-residue removal. In terms of preparation, some paint jobs may require a primer, especially if you are painting over a darker colour with a light one.

Tip-top Painting

Qtech Pencil Filter Guide imageChoosing the correct tip and filter size for your airless spray-painting machine is important to ensure the best professional finish. Your material is the starting point for determining the size; the thicker the paint, the wider the diameter of the nozzle. The nozzle size will inform you of the width of the spray jet. The bore diameter of a nozzle controls the flow rate. When it comes to the filter, remember the more viscous the material, the coarser the filter should be. Check out CES's spray tips and spare parts here.

If you don’t know which tip you need, we recommend looking at the paints product data sheet. These can often be found on the paint manufacturers website. Usually you can find the ‘Recommended Orifice Size’ in the ‘Application Methods’ section of the specification data sheet.


For example, Dulux Diamond Matt. If you look at the ‘Spray Recommendation’ area, you can see the recommend tip orifice size is 15 thou. This means you need to select a tip with a 3 digit index that ends with ’15’ – Eg, 315, 515, 715 .etc.


Practise Makes Perfect

If you are less experienced with using a hand paint spray machine, it is imperative to practise. Start in a large flat area that is perhaps not the most visible wall. Spray with water to begin with to get the hang of the machine (always ensure the water has dried out before applying paint). Use scraps of card to practise with paint and perfect your spray pattern.

Under Pressure

Spray pattern

When using your wall paint spray machine, start at the minimum spray pressure and slowly increase it until you achieve the perfect spray pattern. A good spray pattern is smooth and even with no runs (tails). If you are getting an uneven finish and paint drips increase the pressure. However, remember to try and achieve a good spray pattern at the lowest possible pressure as this prevents pump and spray tip wear and tear and also ensures less overspray and paint wastage. Increasing the spray pressure simply means supplying the nozzle with more material. If you are working with maximum pressure and are still not achieving an even spray pattern, try diluting the paint since viscosity influences the spray properties or perhaps select a smaller nozzle size.  

On Your Marks, Get Set, Spray!

So, you've set up your spray paint machine, now it's time to get spraying. If you're spraying from side to side (left to right), select a vertical spray pattern and if spraying up and down choose the horizontal pattern. Maintain a consistent distance (10-25cm) away from the surface, always working within comfortable reach. If the gun is too close, you'll notice runs/drips as the paint is too concentrated. Equally, using the gun at a distance will give overspray and fading.  Use long continuous passes with the spray gun aiming straight at a 90-degree angle from the wall or surface.  It is vital not to spray at an angle  or swing the gun as you will create an uneven finish with fading or overspray. Remember to flex your wrist, not the gun! Move at a consistent speed ensuring you trigger the spray gun after beginning each stroke and release before ending your stroke. Your arm should be moving before you trigger the gun so as to prevent blotches of thick paint.  Make sure that each pass overlaps by 30-50%. A good rule of thumb is to aim the spray tip at the edge of the last stroke to get that overlap. It is a good idea to spray the edges and corners first and when painting the corner, point the nozzle directly at the corner. Finally remember to start at the top and work downwards.

Give Your Machine Some TLC

Servicing at CESCleaning is absolutely vital not only to keep your machine in top condition and prevent degradation of parts but also to ensure a smooth start to the next job. No one wants to come to the next project and find residual navy paint when you're about to embark on a crisp white wall! Use soapy water when it comes to cleaning out water-based paint and thinners for oil-based paints. For internal chambers, it is best to invest in a bespoke spray gun cleaning kit to keep your machine in its best working order. Don't forget as well as suppling machines for hire and sale, CES also service your paint spray machines to keep them working at their best for as long as possible.

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