How to Properly Maintain Your Forced Action Mixer

How to Properly Maintain Your Forced Action Mixer

Preparation, cleaning, maintenance. How do these words make you feel? Do they fill you with dread? I’m not sure many people would be jumping for joy at the prospect of these things. However, making preparation, cleaning and maintenance a priority when it comes to your forced action mixer will simplify the rest of your job. At CES we have seen our fair share of pan mixers in a sorry state so we’ve put together some of our top tips on how to best look after your mixer.

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Mixer in a Mess

Baron mixer cleaning

Cleaning is key to keep your Forced action mixer in tip top condition and working at its optimum performance. You should clean the pan between each resin bound mix removing the excess resin so it doesn’t stick and set on the mixer. Any old resin can contaminate the new batch causing hardened lumps which will ruin the material and prevent a perfectly smooth resin surface. Non-cured resin is very easy to remove but once it has set it becomes a problem. Therefore, to save on cleaning time at the end of the day, clean as you go after every batch. Forced action Mixers are expensive pieces of kit and will be costly to repair or replace if you are not keeping up with proper maintenance. Equally if you are hiring a mixer, you may well lose your deposit if you return a mixer in a mess!

Clean as a whistle

If you keep your Forced Action Mixer clean and in good condition, it will repay you by working efficiently, lasting longer and ensuring those happy customers. The first and most important thing to remember when cleaning your machine is to disconnect it from the power; water and electricity DO NOT mix. Secondly, as with most construction process, even the clean-up, always wear appropriate PPE. Finally, never try and remove stubborn resin with a hammer as it will damage the drum and invalidate your warranty. Also never burn off hardened resin; the combination of polyurethane from the resin and flames release toxic gases that are dangerous to inhale and can cause severe respiratory problems.

Clean forced action mixer drum

When you are cleaning between mixes, remember to keep the trap door open to ensure it doesn’t seize up. Excess resin bound aggregates can be removed with a sponge soaked in white spirit followed by a quick wipe with a clean and dry cloth, it’s as simple as that. When you are ready to do a full clean post resin installation, try and do it immediately before the resin sets. If you have aggregate remaining in the pan, empty 4 x 25kg bag of dry gravel into the mixer and add 1 litre of high boiling point solvent such as white spirit. Mix this for 10 minutes before emptying the drum and disposing of the gravel responsibly (you should never pour this on the ground). If there are still stubborn spots of resin, swill white spirit around the drum and use a wire brush to remove. Pay particular attention to the trapdoor, safety grille, chute and grill when cleaning and ensure they are free from resin. Open and close the trapdoor a few times to check it works and leave it open whilst drying.

At Your Service

Don’t forget machines need servicing to make sure they continue working at their best. CES offer various servicing packages to keep your mixer in a healthy condition. There are other general maintenance checks that you can do doing between servicing to keep your machine at its best. Always check the blades for signs of wear after every mix. Whilst the blades are designed to last a long time inevitably wear and tear occurs. Also lubricate your machine regularly. You can apply WD40 to the inside of your mixer to prevent resin sticking.

Mixers from CES

Baron M200Forced Action Mixer Hire is available from CES. We have a fleet of Baron mixers available to hire, from the smaller E120 to the larger capacity F200. The Baron brand is well known for producing reliable, robust and powerful machines. They are easy to move around site and produce consistent and even mixes that create the perfect finish. These mixers are compatible with a range of materials including cement mortar, resin bound aggregate, rubber crumb (small batches), traditional lime-based materials, concrete repair and coatings, resin bonded and screeds. Our machines are also available to purchase. Get in touch with our hire and sales team today for further information or to book your hire machine. For our full guide to Forced Action Mixers click here >

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