Fancy an upgrade? Find out about the trade-in process at CES

Fancy an upgrade? Find out about the trade-in process at CES

Thinking of selling your machine? Did you know CES do machine trade-ins? Whether you're looking to move a machine on that you no longer use or are just keen to have an upgrade and invest in the latest shiny new model, CES can help you through the process. 

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How does the Process work?

Machine Trade in YouTube ThumbnailIf you haven't already, check out our YouTube video in which CES General Manager Ben goes through all those frequently asked questions . If you're thinking of trading in your machine, get in contact with us via phone, email or message us on social media. Once we've discussed your machine and have all the relevant details, we'll make you an offer based on the condition, age and number of hours. If you accept this offer, we'll simply ask you to draw up an invoice detailing the purchase price. We can then make payment to your company and take ownership of your machine. This process can be completed in as little as 1 week. 

What Machines Do CES Deal With?

At CES we'll deal with a huge range of pumping, mixing and spraying equipment with our general rule being, as long as parts are readily available in the UK, we'll consider your machine for trade-in. We'll accept both new and old models including brands such as Euromair, Putzmeister and Lancy to name a few.

Is A Part-Exchange the Only Option?

There are a number of ways we can arrange your trade in. Firstly, if you're simply looking to just move your machine on, we are happy to consider purchasing your machine from you with no obligation to purchase another machine. Secondly you can part-exchange your machine for one of our new plastering, rendering or flow screed machines. The final option is a part-exchange for one of our second-hand models. 

What Details do CES need on my Machine?

The trade-in process can be completed relatively quickly once you've sent over a selection of photos as we can base our offer on these and once the offer is accepted things can progress swiftly. It is important to capture the machine from all angles to gauge the condition of the machine in full. In your email/message please include photos of:

Photographs Machine Trade In

All these details allow us to get a clear picture of the machine as well as understand where it's come from and the life it's lead and therefore give an accurate offer.

What Next?

If a Machine Trade-in with CES sounds like the way forward for you, get in touch with us via phone (01494 715472), email ( or message us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, we'll be happy to help.

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