Safety First: All you need to know about remaining safe using a flow screed pump

Safety First: All you need to know about remaining safe using a flow screed pump

As with any kind of machine, it is important to take notice of the safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries. With big diesel units such as our flow screed pumps, you should always refer to the specific user manual to ensure you are operating the machine safely. When machines are working under pressure and using highly flammable fuel, you must follow the safety guidelines carefully. Below we have put together some key information to ensure you remain safe whilst operating your flow screed pump.

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Ready, steady, go!

Before you hit that ‘go’ button or turn the ignition key, ensuring the correct and proper setup is incredibly important for the safe operation of your machine. Remember that anyone who comes into contact with the pump should have been briefed on the specific guidance from the user manual, that includes staff transporting, using and cleaning the machine. Use these steps as a guideline:

  • Always transport machines correctly using the appropriate handles and grips
  • Keep a clean and clear workspace, free from obstacles and debris that become tripping hazards
  • People not using the machine should remain clear 
  • Ensure no flammable objects are close to the machine
  • Set up the machine on a level surface, making sure the jockey wheel (if fitted with one) is placed to stabilise the machine to avoid tipping
  • Inspect the product delivery hoses prior to use, looking for wear or damage that could lead to a hose blowing and causing injuries
  • Never walk on product delivery hoses or use them to manoeuvre the machine
  • Be clear of where the ‘emergency stop’ button is located

Running your Pump

Once your machine is set up correctly, it is time to pump. When operating any machine, you should always wear appropriate PPE which includes safety glasses/googles, gloves, mask, overalls and safety boots. The following is some generic guidance on remaining safe whilst the pump is running:

  • Ensure your application is supported by the machine 
  • Make sure there is at least 50 cm of clear space between equipment and obstacles so as not to block the air flow
  • Use an appropriate lubricant to prevent material sticking to working areas of the pump
  • Never run the machine if you have noticed problems
  • Never run the machine unattended
  • Do not touch warm surfaces or moving parts
  • Never insert your hand or another object inside the safety grill
  • Always switch off the machine when you stop for breaks and make sure the pressure is released before cleaning or adjusting the machine
  • Always remain alert whilst using machinery and never operate under the influence of alcohol or other substances that could affect your reaction speed
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Machine maintenance is crucial to keep your pump operating at the optimum level as well keeping wear-parts in tiptop condition which in turn ensures the machine is working safely. Here are our top-tips for safety in machine after-care:

  • Clean after every use
  • Only use genuine spare parts 
  • Grease the pump after use to avoid blockages which can cause damage
  • Never modify a machine or cut/dismantle safety components such as the safety grill
  • Always store in a clean and clear area

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