Blog: Using Protection For Spraying Render And Plaster!

Blog: Using Protection For Spraying Render And Plaster!

Using protection is vital when spraying render or plaster. If masking up (applying protection) when spraying plaster or render is done well then it can make the whole job go quicker, looking more professional and with minimal cleaning up afterwards. This saves you time and money!

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Key areas that need to be protected when machine applying spray able renders include… windows, doors, Fascia boards, Soffits, gutters, downpipes, Areas of brick not to be rendered (eg brick window cills or plinths), Security lights, Vents, flues garage doors and patio doors.

Much like with rendering machines there are a few options for spray protection methods. Here at CES Hire we have been supplying protection to our painting, rendering and plastering customers for a fair few years now…

Here’s a few options below…

Speedy Mask speedymask-outdoor

Available for indoor & outdoor usage and in a variety of ‘drops’ including 550mm, 1100mm, 1400mm and 2700mm. Speedy Mask is very popular for masking up. Windows, walls, doors and floors. It’s static film prevents most over sprayed material from dropping onto the floor. Outdoor Speedy Mask comes fitted with UV protective tape this means you can leave the mask in place for up to 3 weeks without any residue from the tape being left behind.

Blue Window Protection Film

Our Window Protection Film is perfect for protecting windows whilst spraying renders, plasters or paints. The UV resistant feature makes it perfect for protecting windows from scratches and dirt, this means the product can be applied for up to 90 days without the adhesive being affected by sunlight and leaving no sticky residue on the window. It is also Self-adhesive, meaning you don’t need to apply a tape to secure the film in place. Our blue Glass Protection Film is available in 300mm or 500mm wide. Each roll has 100m of blue window protection film on it. Other applications included mirrors and glass furniture. Suitable for professional and domestic use.

Scapa Red Polyflex Tape

red-high-temperature-cellulose-splicing-tape-scapa-1112Scapa Red Polyflex 234 PE tape is a premium, UV resistant tape for demanding masking. This makes it great for use with spray rendering. It’s very sticky stuff which is why Red Polyflex tape is widely regarded in the construction industry as a specialist high performance product with proven performance including superior adhesion, excellent durability and strength, ease of use and watertight sealing properties. If required this tape can be used with Blue Window Protection Film to secure it down.

You can find more information on our spray rendering protection methods at our website here.

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