What Are The Benefits Of A Screed Pump?

What Are The Benefits Of A Screed Pump?

What Are The Benefits Of A Screed Pump?

At CES, we can’t sing the praises of switching today enough (no, we’re not your energy supplier or tempting you to switch banks). We’re talking about switching from Manual to Machine.

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From Manual to Machine

There are so many benefits to modernising your processes through use of machines whether we’re talking about screed pumps or plaster, render or paint spray machines. We all know the phrase, ‘health is wealth’ and this is something at the forefront of CES’s minds when we promote our machines. The building industry is never particularly forgiving on our bodies. Yes, the manual work can keep up fit but equally all the heavy-lifting and hours of labour-intensive work can take its toll. Switching to a machine shifts the labour focus from you to the machine and hopefully will also lengthen the career ahead of you (much as working for longer may not really seem so appealing!) Screeding without a pump really is back-breaking work, the monotony of barrows of heavy screed being run back and forth, followed by compacting it down and levelling off (spending ages in that unforgiving stooped position that never helps the aching back). A machine cuts out all that physical work as well as also saving a huge amount of time.

Time is Money

time is moneyUsing a Floor Screed Pump saves time and streamlines the process, essentially it is an easier option and who wouldn’t opt for that! A screed pump will firstly mix the material for you saving on, again that physical work, as well as keeping the site cleaner with minimal dust compared to hand mixing. Machine-mixing also ensures a far more uniform and consistent mix. Laying screed with use of a pump speeds up the project time considerable meaning you will be off to start the next job much more quickly. Whilst there is initial outlay in screed pump hire or purchase, across a year the time you save and additional jobs you are able to take on will certainly be worth it. Using a machine will also prevent the forward and back shuttle runs with barrows of screed, since a pump makes the least manageable places accessible with use of compact machinery or hoses which all mean you can pump directly to the location.

CES particularly specialise in Liquid flow/pumpable/self-levelling screed pumps which can create further savings. Firstly, making savings in materials since flow screed can be laid from as thin as 25mm-35mm (materials can vary so always check the material bag). Secondly, flow screed will pump around 25m² in just 20minutes, 10 times quicker than traditional screed. It simply requires a quick light tamping with a dapple bar to finish; there is no time spent compacting, on your hands and knees levelling-off or sanding of laitance (liquid screed is laitance-free). Finally, liquid screed dries exceptionally quickly. You can walk on it after 24hours and certain flooring can be laid as quickly as 7-14 days later and carpet after 3 weeks. This is fantastic for all those quick turn-around projects, you know the ones, when everything needs to be done yesterday! Dry screed is laid at a minimum of 50mm and required drying times are one day per mm so a minimum of 50 days.

Even Stevens

screedingYou may have already read all about what a screed pump is in our previous blog so you’ll know that screeding is all about creating a superior smooth, even and level surface on top of the concrete subfloor to subsequently lay a flooring finish. Liquid screed in particular offers the ultimate in even flooring bases. Since flow screed is a liquid cream-like consistency, it self-levels to create a supremely even floor.

Hotting Up

Underfloor heatingOne of the other benefits of screed pumps is its great compatibility with underfloor heating systems. Flow screed in particular works exceptionally well since due to its liquid consistency, it will fill all spaces around the pipes and leaves no gaps. Furthermore, this encourages better heat distribution and heat radiates quickly and evenly. Since the pipes are surrounded by screed it is also a more effective heat transfer as only the screed is heated instead of the concrete subfloor below.

Our Screed Pumps

D140 image-2At CES we stock a variety of screed pumps from brands such as Euromair and Putzmeister. If you’re searching for a compact electric pump to try out that new liquid screed, why not take a look at the Euromair MixPro 28. Alternatively, the EuromairX-PRO D140 is a heavier-duty diesel machine for those larger scale projects. Our specialist team will be able to help you pin down the right pump for you and your project so why not give us a call. And when you’re ready to pump check out our Tips for achieving great results with floor screed.

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