5 Sprayable Monocouche Render Brands

5 Sprayable Monocouche Render Brands

Monocouche or one-coat render is an increasingly popular choice with renderers. This ready-mix render is easy to use simply adding water to the material. It saves a great deal of time since there is no need to wait for individual coats to dry and the result is a contemporary, durable and energy efficient finish. Read more about monocouche render here >

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There are many brands of sprayable monocouche render available, here is a little overview of some popular render manufacturers and their core machine-sprayable monocouche products.


Weber started life as a single company in France in 1900 though has since merged and expanded, finally joining forces with St Gobain in 1996. The company has an extensive product portfolio specialising in industrial mortar products such as render, floor screed and External Wall Insulation Systems amongst others. Through the acquisition of additional companies, Weber St Gobain boast real expertise in the construction mortar market with technical support and training also available.

Weber offer four monocouche renders:

Weber Pral M-1

Weber Pral M- A popular one-coat through-coloured render achieving a scraped or roughcast finish. It can be applied over brick or block-work and has 24 colour options. 

Weber Pral MF- Also a single-coat through-coloured render through is available in a more limited colour range (4 colours available). This material achieves a much finer textured finish for a contemporary appearance. 

Weber Pral D- A Monocouche designed in 12 colour options however this product is only available in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Weber Dash Receiver- A monocouche that can be dashed after a single coat to create a durable pebble-dash finish.


Established in 1989, KRend places innovation at the heart of their business in which they are continually developing, testing and adapting their products at their bespoke facility using the latest technology. KRend produces a wide range of high-performing render products which proudly display the Kitemark Licence as a mark of trust, integrity and quality. 

K Mono

KMono- KMono came onto the scene in 2022 as a premium machine sprayable monocouche that has been specially optimised for machine application. Available in 20 colours, this material is a cost-effective, labour-saving render.


K1 Spray- This single-coat render has a finer textured finish and is again available in 20 colour options.


Parex MonorexParex is an international manufacturer of specialist mortars, advanced renders and a range of other construction materials. They merged with the Sika brand in 2018 which has accelerated their ambitious growth and desire to offer new solutions for their customers. Their render facade sector is rapidly growing with a strong focus on customer service with on-site support available. 

Parex supply five single coat renders all offering a through-coloured, breathable, long-lasting and weather-resistant render finish:

Monorex GM- A popular monocouche that can be finished medium scraped, light tyrolean or heavy roughcast. Available in 48 colours.

Monorex GF- Their monocouche offering with a finer aggregate for an ultra-fine contemporary finish. Also available in 48 colours.

Blanc du Littoral- Parex’s bright white monocouche for a modern aesthetic.

Parexal- A hydraulic lime monocouche which is also available in 48 colours. Ideal for new buildings or restoration render.

Parmurex- A grey monocouche suitable for dense masonry substrates.


Ecorend (part of the Wetherby La Roc Group) have led the way in polymer renders since the early 1970s. 2018 saw the company really ramp up product development and production with their purpose-built plant in North Yorkshire. These premises have allowed experienced chemists to research, rigorously test and produce high quality through-coloured render. Ecorend have created 33 colours for their render which create a beautiful finish to refurbish, maintain and enhance your property. All products carry the prestigious CE mark indicating the highest European quality standard.

Ecorend have three sprayable monocouche products available:MR 1 Render

MR1 Monocouche- MR1 achieves an attractive stone-looking finish in 33 colours. This high-performance cement-based monocouche scratch render has been designed with superb water repellency, breathability and ultimate adhesion. This through-coloured one-coat product provides a low-maintenance solution for your property. For further information on application take a look at Ecorend’s video >

MR2 Monocouche Fibre Plus Render- MR2 has the same technical specifications as MR1 however it has been reinforced with fibre to aid application on poor substrates. It also has a superior anti-crack finish. Check out Ecorend’s video for more on application of MR2 >

DR1 Dash Receiver Render- Suitable for a Pebble Dash finish. 


VPI MonocalVPI is a subsidiary of French cement group VICAT whose core business has been cement since Louis Vicat invented artificial cement in 1817. The company continues to be family owned and now showcases a range of over 250 products for the building trade including premixed mortars and finishing products. Their products are known internationally and are recognised for their quality, innovative design that responds to market developments, simplicity to use as well as their investment in the environment and waste reduction.

VPI has a core four monocouche products with fine finish options also available for MonoCal and Monopass. 

Monocal GM/GF- This through-coloured render is available in 58 colours and can create a medium scraped or roughcast finish when opting for GM version or a modern fine finish with the GF option.

Monopass GM/GF- Just like Monocal this product offers both the standard and fine finish options. Monopass is a grey finish monocouche.

MonoCal Blanc Polaire- VPI’s extra white monocouche offering.

RheaJet- This monocouche is a thick hydraulic render for Reatherm 500 system (3 in 1 insulation). It is available in 59 colours.

Machines CES would Recommend

All the products we have mentioned above are suitable for machine spraying. For larger projects weMix Pro 28 would suggest spraying with a Euromair X-Pro D80. This diesel machine is a towable unit designed with built-in compressor and a 200 litre hopper capacity. It operates at variable flow-rates of up to 60 litres per minute and can take aggregates up to 6mm. Alternatively if you have a smaller project, the electric Euromair MixPro 28 could be exactly what you’re looking for. The MixPro 28 is easily portable by one person and can easily be manoeuvred around the site. It is designed with a 70 litre hopper and dependent on the rotor and stator fitted, can operate at a maximum output of 30 litres per minute. For further information head to our website for a whole host of rendering or give us a call to obtain a quote on hire or purchase of either machine. Head to our blog for even more informative render reads including finding out all about the benefits of machine rendering as opposed to hand application >

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