What are the Benefits of Rendering?

What are the Benefits of Rendering?

Rendering your property is the perfect solution in countries with variable climates such as the UK. Not only does it create a protective barrier against the elements but from a purely aesthetic point of view, it looks pretty good too. Here we explore the benefits of rendering your home.

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A thing of Beauty


42Rendering is one of the simplest ways to completely transform your home going from standard brickwork to a dazzling ice-white render really will create the wow effect. However, if that stark white house isn’t to your taste, there are plenty of other options available. Many render companies offer between 20-50 through-coloured monocouche renders so you can completely change the colour of your property should you fancy. The benefit of through-coloured render also means no additional work or cost in subsequently painting the render. There is also a whole variety of finishes to be considered from a smooth or ultra fine modern texture, to a characteristic roughcast or pebbledash texture or even opting for intricate ashlar cut details. There is certainly a great deal of choice for that home makeover. 


Adding Value

41Rendering your home can often increase the value of your property with house-buyers rather partial to a crisp render finish. Whilst you are enhancing your home's appearance you may well also be covering up those less desirable features or hiding some ugly brickwork that is not quite your cup of tea. Rendering can also be an excellent solution for repairing cracks and damage to your property. If you are in the building trade and considering options with a new build home, rendering over blockwork can avoid more costly and time-consuming brickwork detail. Blockwork is cheaper and quicker to construct and when you apply a monocouche using a render spray machine, you can render the house in no time. For more information on the benefits of machine render take a look at this blog > 

A Practical Solution

Like they say ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ so we shouldn’t merely be discussing how amazing40 rendering looks, there are in fact plenty of practical reasons to render your home too. Firstly, in the UKs notoriously changeable climate, render provides a protective barrier which preserves the brickwork. Render works particularly well in harsh climates such as coastal or exposed areas since it provides a protective armour to shield the house from wind, sun, rain and snow. The additional polymers within render mean it is water-resistant so great for particularly wet climates. You can have peace of mind as render is also a layer of fireproofing on your home. Render creates an insulating coating around your property. This not only regulates the temperature within your home but also saves you money making your house more energy efficient. Render is an incredibly long lasting choice for your property as it will protect your home for years and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Looking to Spray Render?

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