Why Buy When You Can Borrow?

Why Buy When You Can Borrow?

Reasons Why You Should Hire Your Forced Action Mixers

Hire vs Buy

When it comes to our machines, it’s worth doing your homework and working out whether to hire or buy. In the competitive industry we work in, it pays to explore the hiring vs buying. Hire is a popular way to complete the project to the very best standard using the latest machines and in a cost-effective way.

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The Bottom Line

Money is an important factor when costing out a project. With rental there is no high capital outlay. With our Forced Action Mixers, you’re looking at at-least £2000 to buy depending on the model. However with hiring, prices start at £175 a week which is a considerable difference. If you are completing a specific task that means you won’t need a mixer again then hiring is the way forward. As a general rule, if you are using a machine for 60-70% of your work then that is the time to cross over to purchasing. This minimal upfront cost will also improve cash flow for you. As we know, there are always hidden costs in projects so keeping a pot of money aside is always useful.

E120Hidden Costs

Hiring your forced action mixer just makes life simpler. Buying a machine is a commitment. As well as the upfront cost or being tied into a loan there is also insurance and storage to consider. All machines need secure storage since  £70million worth of machinery is stolen from sites every year. Machines will be delivered to exactly where you need it and collected as soon as you’ve finished with it so no expensive storage is needed. There is also no hassle of considering depreciation and selling when your machine reaches the end of its life. 

Safety And Maintenance

You know your machine will arrive fully tested and ready to go when you hire. The hire fleet is kept up to date, regularly serviced and thoroughly inspected. If you choose to buy a machine you will incur those additional costs of machine maintenance. Of course, an expensive repair when you own a machine is also costly in the downtime on site. Whilst it is important to keep your hire machine clean to ensure optimum productivity, the overall repair and repaint lies with the hire company. However please ‘treat hire equipment as you would wish your own equipment to be treated’. 

Short-Term Fix

Hiring is a brilliant short term fix. If you do a variety of work which needs many different machines hiring makes sense. It provides that speciality need or helps you out with a temporary increase in certain jobs. The hire machine is there to fill in when your machine fails. A hired mixer can also be a godsend to help you meet those tricky deadline crunches. When you buy a machine you are committed to that one piece of kit. That’s fine if your day job is laying resin bound driveways day-in-day-out as you would get multiple use from your forced action mixer. If you know you’ll use a machine long-term and get a lot of use from it, you will quickly recoup an expensive purchase. However if you dabble in different machines, hire may be the way to go.

More Information

We are always happy to discuss your options and work out together whether hiring or purchasing is the right solution for you. Call us on 01494 715472 to speak with one of our expert sales and hire team. In the mean time, take a look at our complete guide to forced action mixers or click here to browse our range of Forced Action Mixers available to hire.

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