The Advantages of Plastering Machines

The Advantages of Plastering Machines

Traditional plastering has been around for centuries and is a process undertaken in the majority of buildings worldwide. Plastering is an essential process to achieve a smooth and durable wall/ceiling/surface finish which can subsequently be decorated. Applying this thin layer of cement-based mortar protects the structure from moisture, weathering and other environmental factors. However, traditional plastering is a huge amount of manual work which places the body under relentless strain and stress. It is also a slow process especially for larger projects and requires a great deal of precision, skill and experience. So, given the necessity of plastering, is there a better method of application that will avoid those daily complaints of aching hands, knees and backs? This is where plastering machines step in, read on as we explore the benefits of these incredible pieces of kit.

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Plastering machines have been around in Europe for some time but are increasing in popularity in the UK as people realise the advantages of these machines. If plastering is a process you're doing on a regular basis, then investing in a machine really is money well spent and you will instantly notice the transformative nature of it. Of course as a one-off, why not try hiring a machine to experience the the number of benefits.

1-Mar-06-2024-01-32-33-8001-PMSpeed is probably one of the biggest draws of investing in a plastering machine. These machines are quick and convenient and can increase your productivity by 3-4 times. With greater efficiency, you'll be completing more jobs. We also know how much a quick job turnaround will please those customers.

2-4The finish you get from a plastering machine is second to none. The spray finish ensures greater uniformity and guaranteed quality with less room for human error.  The machine (if complete with mixing hopper) will be able to mix to the correct consistency  before spraying through the hose and spray gun. The more even distribution of plaster creates a smooth and consistent finish with less need for touch-ups. This high-quality finish is much more aesthetically pleasing which leads to increased customer satisfaction. 

3-3Plastering machines are particularly versatile machines that can spray cement, lime or gypsum-based plaster as well as create smooth or textured finishes. These compact machines are equally easy to transport and move around site. 

4-2Another huge advantage is the reduction in labour-intensive work. The machine is doing the hard work for you and avoiding the aches and pains associated with manual plastering. This also means less likelihood of downing tools aged 50 due to ongoing and persistent injuries (often back related).

5-3A plastering machine will ultimately increase your profits since you'll be completing jobs much more quickly enabling you to schedule in even more projects. You will also need less contractors on the job meaning less labour cost. Of course, you should bear in mind the initial machine outlay which is more costly than your simple hawk and trowel, however it will pay you back incredibly quickly as you turnaround jobs more speedily.

6-3Finally, you will find a plastering machine will leave you with a cleaner and more organised workspace. The plaster is contained within the machine ensuring there is less spillage and waste. This also is a bonus for the environment as the machine only mixes the material required.


So, all-in-all, investing in a plastering machine offers speed and efficiency and increases productivity by 3-4 times. The spray finish ensures uniformity and a high quality finish, reducing the need for touch-ups. These versatile and portable machines can handle various types of plaster and create smooth or textured finishes. They also reduce labour-intensive work and help protect workers long-term in avoiding chronic and prolonged aches and pains. If this has whet your appetite, why not check out the range of airless plastering machines on offer at CES.

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