Blog: Why Use A Spray Rendering Machine?

Blog: Why Use A Spray Rendering Machine?

Spraying Render is a growing trend in the UK. For over 30 years now we have been supplying rendering machines to a range of plasterers, renderers and contractors. So we thought we would write a little piece on the advantage of using a rendering machine over traditional methods and what machines can help you on your next job…

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The main advantage to using a rendering machine is the time you save applying the render to the walls. Using a machine can double your productivity compared to the traditional method of Hawk and Trowel. As we all know time is money so time that is saved in getting the gear on the wall can be used on other jobs hence increasing your productivity and making you more money.

However it’s not just time you can save when using a rendering machine, you can also reduce strain on your body. Using a render machine to spray render can significantly improve the way you feel at the end of the day. With the government now not letting us retire until we’re 70 years old a rendering machine can keep you working to 70 and beyond.


There is a range of rendering machines available on the market and they can be categorised in the following ways…

Diesel Pump e.g. Euromair CP60, Utiform V2 and Putzmeister P11. 

Electric Mixer Pump e.g. MixPro 14, Utiform Quattro and PFT Ritmo, G4 and G5 

Electric Batch Mixer Pump e.g. Compact Pro 30

Electric Conveying Pump e.g. InoBEAM M8 and BMP 6.


Much like the machines there are a range of spray able renders from a wide selection of material manufacturers these include…IMG 5411 250x445

Krend – Silicone Spray E Grade, Silicone K1 Spray and K Rend LW1

Weber – weber.pral M and weber.rend MT

Parex – Monorex GM, Monorex GF and EHI GM / EHI GF (Parex Pariso Render System)

Sto – StoTherm Classic and StoSilent Modular 

Site Batching Using Traditional Sand And Cement Or Sand, Lime And Cement

When using this method of rendering through a machine the ratios of sand to cement is very important as is the type of sand used. Getting ratios wrong can result in blocking delivery hoses and breaking machines. When using this method it is also very important to measure the amounts of sand and cement equally to ensure your mix is right, we have found the easiest way to measure mixes is using buckets. Due to the way sand and cement batches are mixed a diesel batch mixer pump is recommended for applying this render.

Looking To Try A Rendering Machine?

We’ve been hiring and selling rendering machines for over 30 years now. We would be happy to help you in making a decision as to what rendering machine you are looking to hire or buy. Please find some helpful links to our website below…

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If you would rather speak to one of our helpful team please call us on 01494 715472. 

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