Ronacrete RonaDeck Resin Bound Aggregate Training with the CES Team

Ronacrete RonaDeck Resin Bound Aggregate Training with the CES Team

Resin Bound flooring systems are a growing trend within the UK. Due to their highly decorative look and permeable properties these flooring systems are becoming a popular choice with architects and homeowners all over the country. At CES Hire we have been supplying forced action mixers for mixing Resin Bound aggregates for over 10 years. We supply mixers all over the UK, but realised recently that our own guys had never been shown the correct method for mixing resin bound aggregates. That’s where we looked to Ronacrete for some help…

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Ronacrete have been at the leading edge of product development and performance for over 45 years. Their technical support is considered by some to be the best in the industry. We initially got in touch with their General Manager Daniel Freedman who put us in touch with James Backler, the man in charge of Resin Bound Aggregate training. James arranged for some trial products to be sent to us and set a date on which he would commence with the training.

 On the day of the training we were greeted by clear skies and warm weather, it was a great start. James set up his training area and CES Hire supplied a brand new Baron E120 Forced Action mixer which is ideal for the 4 bag (100Kg) Resin Bound flooring mix. We then began with a talk from James about the resin bound aggregate flooring systems Ronacrete can offer from their RonaDeck range. He also outlined some key things to ensure when mixing including how the person loading the mixer has one of the most important jobs, if they mess up the whole system will be ruined!

 The talk was over, it was time to get stuck in. We loaded our brand new Baron E120 forced action mixer with 3 x 25kg bags of 3-6mm ‘Harvest Crunch’ aggregate and 1 x 25kg Bag of 1-3mm Golden Pea. We then mixed part A and Part B of the Ronacrete resin with a drill whisk and added this to our mix. Trowling-Resin-Bound-for-Blog

Once this had started mixing we added 1 x 6Kg Bag of sand. It was very interesting to learn that the sand is used to reduce the slip risk. We allowed the resin bound to mix for roughly 2 minutes, the mix was then discharged from our mixer into a wheel barrow. Our Resin Bound mix was perfect and ready to be laid. We shovelled the mix onto some demonstration boards and each had a go at ‘trowling’ fresh resin bound mix. I think it’s safe to say we are all better sticking to our day jobs than seeking a new career laying resin bound flooring.

Now the fun of laying the resin bound flooring had come to an end it was time to clean the mixer. We first loaded the mixer with 4 bags of 10mm aggregate stone and added 2 litres of RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner. The mixer was then turned on and it started to remove a lot of the wet resin bound aggregate from the side of the mixer. After 2 minutes we opened the trap door and caught the stones and cleaner in a bucket (ready to be reused) and went round the mixer with a piece of cloth and some more Low VOC cleaner. This seemed to really do the trick and return the mixer back to the same clean condition it started in. We couldn’t quite believe our eyes at just how easy it was. Having seen the state some of our forced action mixers return from hire in you would have thought cleaning them out was some sort of rocket science. The mixer was now clean and ready to be used again for its next mix.

We found the training session by James to be a great insight into how our Baron forced action mixers are used. Our thanks must go to James and Ronacrete for helping us gain a better understanding on Resin Bound Aggregate Flooring Systems.

You can view a Video from the training day below – How To Mix RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing.

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