Deltec…The Decorators Dream

Deltec…The Decorators Dream

The Bentley Of Tapes

CES are delighted to launch our Deltec tape range; seriously the Bentley/Rolls Royce (choose your premium car of choice) when it comes to tapes. Deltec have 20 years of tape experience behind them, giving them the expertise to develop a world class product. This premium tape delivers perfect results. It creates the straightest, cleanest lines with no bleed; the painter and decorators dream. As tedious as it is, preparation and clean up is vital to enable perfect paint results. Expert masking really transforms a job. As a leading manufacturer of tapes, Deltec products create a quality finish and saving you time.

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What Makes Deltec Different?

Deltec work hard to test and develop their tapes to be the top performing tapes that the decorator can really trust. Firstly, an element that sets them apart from your ordinary tape is that they are made from Japanese Washi tape. Washi tape is incredibly strong yet thin. Lateral running fibres give the tapes their shear strength which ensures they will never be pierced by high pressure sprayers. Also the vertical fibres create that ultra strong barrier that defy annoying paint bleeds. Just check out this video to see just how crisp a paint edge you can achieve.

Paint edges crisp vs bleedStandard crepe masking tape fibres run in multiple directions allowing paint to seep in and cause bleeds. Secondly crepe masking is lined with a natural rubber adhesive which degrades and breaks down leaving residue. However Deltec tapes are lined with an acrylic glue which enables UV resistance as well as no residue on removal. Intelligent acrylic adhesive also means the tapes don’t age so they can hang around in the back of your van without a problem. Although we know you’ll use them long before that point! Finally tests show a painter saves 50 hours a year by using Deltec through ease of application, less issues to correct and speedier clear up. 50 hours is a whole weeks work…now that’s a product you want!

Tackiness You’ll Want

Now, you could hardly call Deltec tacky being such a premium brand. However their tapes certainly boast the tackiness you’ll be after. This brings us to Unitack tape, a revolutionary covering paper that really helps speed up decorating preparation. Unitack was developed by a German Decorating company who were contracted to decorate a hotel. Having been allocated 5 hours to paint up an entire suite, the decorators created this fully adhesive masking paper to make preparation a swift and easy process. This self-adhesive paper covering became Deltec’s fantastic Unitack paper.

unitack paperThis adhesive paper has fantastic benefits for the painter. Firstly the fully self-adhesive side means you needn’t add any extra tape plus there are no annoying flappy corners or slippery polythene cloths. Secondly with a two month residue resistance, this covering stays put for long periods and remarkably doesn’t leave any residue. Also Unitack can be used on vulnerable surfaces such as newly painted walls. Unitack really does have universal use, adaptable for use on stairs, windowsills and banisters amongst others. Finally it is a multi-use paper that can be used again and again without loosing it’s tackiness.

I Want A Trio, And I Want One Now…

deltec sensitive

At CES we stock a trio of brilliant Deltec tapes, that in all honesty could be all you need for your painting prep. The Purple sensitive, Gold Original and Pink Extreme make for the ultimate trio. Deltec sensitive is a brilliant internal tape. It is made for fragile surfaces such as wallpaper or freshly painted walls. It’s intelligent acryllic adhesive means that it reacts to the rooms temperature to adjust to the necessary bonding level.

Deltec gold-1

Secondly we introduce Deltec Gold Original which is for internal and external use. With latex impregnation in the tape design, it is weather resistant and stays dry. It has a 6 month UV and residue resistance and withstands temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. Again this is a product that achieves razor sharp lines for a top quality paint finish.

Deltec extreme

Finally Deltec Extreme joins this epic trio. With three times the latex of the Original Gold, nothing penetrates this super strong tape, even your most powerful spray machine. Intelligent acrylic adhesive means that this tape has even more grabbing action and clings to rough and moist surfaces.

Deltec To Your Doorstep

CES are privileged to join a handful of selected Deltec stockists throughout the UK. Not only will you find the Deltec products in our High Wycombe store but all are available online. CES deliver nationally so no matter where you are we will deliver Deltec to your doorstep.

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