Discovering Popular Render Machines for Optimal Finishes

Discovering Popular Render Machines for Optimal Finishes

When it comes to achieving a flawless finish on your render projects, choosing the right render machine is key. There are a variety of popular render machines on the market that can help you achieve optimal results whether you're working on small domestic projects or large commercial sites. You will also be considering the right machine depending on whether you're spraying monocouche, thin-coat render or perhaps traditional lime-based renders (amongst others) . Join us as we delve into the world of render machines and discover which ones are the most popular for achieving those perfect results.

Rendering Machines For Sale

Euromair DropPro 8P

Euromair DropPro 8PThe Euromair DropPro 8P is a versatile rendering machine, available in both 110v (240v options upon request). Perfect for small site work and domestic projects, this machine excels in applications such as thin coat renders, pointing work, machine-applicable plasters, and lightweight renders. With a spraying capacity of up to 10 litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 30bar, this machine is efficient and effective. The 45-litre hopper can hold up to 3 bags of product with a maximum aggregate size of 2mm. Despite its power, the compact design of the Euromair DropPro 8P allows it to easily fit in the back of most small vans. Keep in mind, you will need a compressor to use this machine for rendering. This model is available for both hire and purchase at CES.

Euromair MixPro 28

MixPro 28-1The Euromair MixPro 28 Rendering and Floor Screed Machine is a versatile continuous mixing pump that can be easily transported and dismantled into four parts by just one person. Operating on 240v, this machine is perfect for pumping a variety of machine-applicable floor screeds, plasters, and renders with maximum grain size of 3mm.. The machine is designed with a 70L hopper capacity  and state of the art digital display flow-meter. The MixPro 28 has a material output capability of up to 16 litres per minute however this can be increased to an output of 30litres per minute when fitted with a Mixer 32 stator. The Euromair MixPro 28 is a top choice for efficient and effective rendering projects. 


Euromair X-Pro D80

Euromair D80The Euromair X-PRO D80, formerly known as the CP80, is a versatile batch mixer pump and sprayer designed for a wide range of materials. Powered by diesel with a 25L tank, this machine is capable of mixing and spraying Render, Sand and Cement, and Fire Protection. Its built-in compressor provides all the necessary equipment in one convenient, road-towable unit. When the compressor is switched off, the machine transforms into a powerful Grout Pump, allowing for the mixing and pumping of Thixotropic Grout, Standard Grouts & Mortar, and Latex Screeds with a maximum grain size of 6mm. Operated easily by a single person, the X-Pro D80 features a maximum hopper capacity of 200L, a variable flow-rate of up to 60L/min, and can be used with a hose length of up to 60m. This machine is powered by a reliable 4 cylinder Kohler engine, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your rendering projects.

Bennu X15 Carbon Spray Gun

X15 Carbon 1The Bennu X15 Carbon Hopper Spray Gun has been designed with the user's comfort in mind. This handheld texture-coating gun is faster, shorter and lighter than ever before. Here at CES, the Bennu Hopper Gun can be purchased individually or as part of the compressor spray kit, which includes a compressor and a 20m air hose with fittings. With a 5-litre capacity, this hopper spray gun is compatible with thin coat render/silicone top coat applications with aggregate sizes up to 1.5mm. Featuring cutting-edge design elements like a reinforced carbon fibre skinned body and a specially designed stainless steel feeder spiral for quicker application, this gun also boasts a 6.5mm stainless steel nozzle that can be easily swapped for different products and finishes. Equipped with a PCL UK-style quick-release air fitting, you can effortlessly spray up to 5 litres per minute with precision and ease.


If you are interested in any of our render machines please visit the website for further information and technical data.  Alternatively contact us on 01494 715472 or drop us an email ( All of our machines are the latest spec often supplied by  French brand Euromair.  We proudly serve as a UK dealer for Euromair machinery, ensuring you have access to top-quality equipment for your rendering needs.