From Concept to Creation: Building your Dream Render Spray Gun

From Concept to Creation: Building your Dream Render Spray Gun

Your Render Spray Gun is an essential piece of kit to sit alongside your electric or diesel rendering machine. You'll be working with your spray gun for long periods at a time so it should almost be an extension of your arm; comfortable, lightweight and easy to use.  At CES we can adapt any spray gun to suit you or build a bespoke gun from scratch to make sure it suits you, your machine and the material you are using. In this blog, we'll explore the spray gun options at CES Hire and how to go about building your dream render spray gun.

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What to Use if You're Starting Out

If this is your first render spray job, we would recommend purchasing a Basic Aluminium Render Spray Gun. This is your standard spray gun to apply basecoat or monocouche with an air shut-off that allows your gun to simply stop and go. When you come to the end of your spray application, turn off your air first before switching off the machine, then release any air to stop any pressure build up. You can fit any nozzle to this gun (10-16mm) depending on the material you're spraying and the finish you wish to achieve.

Extras for Your Spray Gun

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The next step up from your basic render spray gun is adding a material shut-off. This prevents additional product oozing from the gun once you've finished spraying meaning less wastage. When using a material shut of, turn off your air, followed by the material shut-off and finally the machine itself.  It must be switched off in this order; if you turn of the material valve first first, the air will continue to pump the product with nowhere for it to be released. This will cause enormous pressure build up and a chance of a blowing a hose which can be extremely dangerous.

Another addition could be a dual air control (also known as a bleed valve or air dump). This can allow you further control over your product and spray pattern by adjusting the air going into the product. 

Adding a swivel coupling to your spray gun can make it easier to manoeuvre your spray gun and give you further flexibility when spraying. 

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Finally we can offer a Long Render Spray Gun which can be very useful when reaching areas than can be out of reach e.g. a gable end.  The 717mm lance allows you to easily spray those tough to reach spots without the need for hop-ups. This can be very useful when working on scaffolding when a hop-up would compromise health and safety but you have corners and edges that are tricky to get to.


Render Spray Nozzles Whats what

Our spray guns come as standard fitted with a rubber spray nozzle. These nozzles are simple to fit with their easy clip-on design and are made of hardwearing flexible rubber. They are available in 10-16mm sizes to work with different products or achieve various pray patterns. They can be used multiple times and are easy to clean.

An upgrade to these nozzles are the conical shaped spray nozzles. These are designed with a screw thread which makes then very secure. As with the rubber spray nozzles, they are available in 10-16mm but with the addition of the screw thread, you can twist in and out to achieve varying spray patterns. They are also easy to clean and can be used over an over again with their durable plastic design. For more about spray nozzles check out our blog >

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