Winter Winners: How Render Accelerator will help you this winter

Winter Winners: How Render Accelerator will help you this winter

We live in a world where we have high expectations and believe nothing should stand in our way, least of all the weather!  When it comes to rendering we also want to be able to render all year round. Pressures from customers and project managers will also demand that we work in every season even in colder temperatures. Luckily with the wonders of modern technology and genius products like render accelerator we can continue working in cold winter temperatures.

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What is Render Accelerator?

Render Accelerator is a liquid additive that is added to the render itself in order to speed up the rendering process.  It works by decreasing the curing time which is particularly helpful in winter when colder temperatures mean slower drying times and increased water retention in the material. Depending on the product you are using it can cut the drying time in half! Essentially the render will be tricked into thinking it is a spring/summer day of around 20°C reducing waiting time and enabling you to scrape/finish more quickly. At CES we stock accelerator for monocouche as well as thin coat render.

Render accelerator

How render accelerator works?

Render accelerator is generally used in colder months between October and April in temperatures of 5°C and above or for colder climates. Guidance would advise not to use render at all in temperatures below 5°C due to products freezing and this compromising the integrity of the materials. Render Accelerator creates a chemical reaction within the render which speeds up the drying process. It encourages quicker hydration of the cementitious components within the render mix. It is an easy product to use and is simply poured directly into the render. It must be thoroughly mixed and always read the manufacturers guidance to ensure the correct quantities are used and that the accelerator is compatible with your render.

The benefits of render accelerator

  • Reduces the wait time
  • Allows you to scrape earlier
  • Gives you flexibility to work throughout the year and in colder climates
  • Prevents winter issues such as render cracking and lime bloom
  • Keeps you on track with project deadlines
  • Easy to use and doesn't affect the appearance or performance

Construction projects often have tight deadlines and therefore clock watching whilst your render slowly dries through winter isn't helpful. Using Render Accelerator means this wait time is reduced as the curing time is cut in half. Depending on the type on render you are using this can really speed up your project and keep you on track to meet deadlines. If you're looking for a textured render finish, accelerator can mean you'll be able to scrape much sooner. Scraping your render should be done when the render is set but not completely hardened. You should use your float in light circular motions to remove up to 2mm from the surface. Usually you would scrape the next day but with accelerator this can happen the same day. 

Scraping Render

Render Accelerator gives you the flexibility to render throughout the year without the worry of winter issues that affect the integrity of your materials. Slow curing can often lead to cracks which of course looks unsightly but also allows moisture to seep in and cause further damage. Slower water evaporation can also cause white discolouration known as lime bloom. Using render accelerator can prevent these issues.

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