Factors To Consider When Using An Airless Spray Paint Machine

Factors To Consider When Using An Airless Spray Paint Machine

We’ve all heard the phrase 'practice makes perfect’; well this is certainly a phrase to think about when you’re starting out with Airless Paint Spray Machines. The more experience you have, the better knowledge and understanding you’ll have on which paint is compatible with which spray tip or filter and where you should set the pressure. 

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Before using your Machine…

We will always begin by expressing the importance of safety when using any machine and this includes spray paint machines. PPE is a legal requirement when operating one of these machines. Crucially, the pressure forced from the spray gun can have exceptionally dangerous implications and even be fatal, so always follow the machine safety protocol. For further information regarding safety please head here >

Spray TipThere are a number of points to take into account pre-spray such as:

For more information on preparing to use your machine, take a look at our blog Helpful Tips To Know Before Using Your Small Spray Paint Machine

Once you have prepared yourself for the project ahead and got in that all-important practice, here are some factors to consider when using your airless spray paint machine.

Under Pressure

When using your wall paint spray machine, start at the minimum spray pressure, this will save paint, reduce overspray, prevent tip wear and tear, prolong the machine-life and save you money. Slowly increase the pressure until you achieve the perfect spray pattern. A good spray pattern is smooth and even with no runs (tails). If you are getting an uneven finish and paint drips increase the pressure. Increasing the spray pressure simply means supplying the nozzle with more material. If you are working with maximum pressure and are still not achieving an even spray pattern, try diluting the paint since viscosity influences the spray properties, alternatively select a smaller spray-tip.  

All in the Technique

PPE spray paintingSo, you've set up your spray paint machine, now it's time to get spraying. Here are ten tips to get that spraying technique spot on.

  1.  If you're spraying from side to side (left to right), select a vertical spray pattern and if spraying up and down choose the horizontal pattern. 
  2. Maintain a consistent distance (10-25cm) away from the surface, always working within comfortable reach. If the gun is too close, you'll notice runs/drips as the paint is too concentrated. Equally, using the gun at a distance will give overspray and fading. 
  3. Use long continuous passes with the spray gun aiming straight at a 90-degree angle from the wall or surface.  It is vital not to spray at an angle or swing the gun as you will create an uneven finish with fading or overspray. Remember to flex your wrist, not the gun! 
  4. Move at a consistent speed to reduce patchiness. 
  5. Ensure you trigger the spray gun after beginning each stroke and release before ending your stroke. Using this technique will apply paint more evenly preventing streaks and build up of material Remember your arm should be moving before you trigger the gun.
  6. Make sure that each pass overlaps by 30-50%. A good rule of thumb is to aim the spray tip at the edge of the last stroke to get that overlap. This will seamlessly blend the paint and prevent a striped appearance.
  7. It is a good idea to spray the edges and corners first and when painting the corner, point the nozzle directly at the corner.
  8. Finally remember to start at the top and work downwards.

Give Your Machine Some TLC

Servicing at CESCleaning is absolutely vital not only to keep your machine in top condition and prevent degradation of parts but also to ensure a smooth start to the next job. No one wants to come to the next project and find residual navy paint when you're about to embark on a crisp white wall! Use soapy water when it comes to cleaning out water-based paint and thinners for oil-based paints. For internal chambers, it is best to invest in a bespoke spray gun cleaning kit to keep your machine in its best working order. Don't forget as well as supplying machines for hire and sale, CES also service your paint spray machines to keep them working at their best for as long as possible.

CES Spray Paint Machines 

QT190CES stock both QTech and TriTech Airless Paint Sprayers which will suit all decorating jobs. Whether you’re an amateur DIY-er and looking to makeover your kitchen or the professional decorator who is contracted to finish off several new build properties, we have a machine to suit your needs. The Qtech QT190 is a fantastic machine if you are just starting out and will make all those occasional DIY jobs a lot quicker and easier to complete. The QT190 is suitable for more infrequent use e.g.: Approx once a week for small to medium tasks. We also supply heavier-duty machines such as a Tritech T9 which can be used 24/7 for the professional painter. Head to our online shop or give us a call (01494 715472) for advice on the best airless paint sprayer for your job. 

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