Finance Options for Machine Purchases

Finance Options for Machine Purchases

Finance options are an appealing choice to many and we live in a world where you can finance your car, your sofa and your kitchen so why not finance your machine too. 

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Purchasing a machine through finance is a fantastic route to explore. Perhaps you have recently set up your own company and have incurred an enormous initial outlay but still want the very best machine to enable you to offer customers the best service. Alternatively, you may be growing your company and need more machines within your fleet but are keen to maintain a good cash flow. Purchasing through finance allows you to maintain your cash flow and spread the cost over a number of months making a far more manageable method of payment for many.

Whilst CES do not offer finance directly, we are more than happy put you in touch with our finance broker who will source the best deals. Alternatively, we can work with a finance company of your choosing. Take a look at what CES can offer you along with our Finance Partnership for some of our core product range. These rates are based on an average credit score across 48 months. All costs valid as of July 2022.


Full Purchase Cost

Monthly repayment across 48months

(excluding VAT)

What that works out as per week

(excluding VAT)

MixPro 28




MixPro 50




MixPro 50 and Generator




Ex hire X-Pro D80




X-Pro D80




X-Pro D140




X-Pro D200




Lancy PH9B-S




Lancy PH9B-R




Lancy TF300-D




Lancy TF400-G




Important to note

All the above rates, as mentioned, are based on an average credit score, however, if you qualify with a cheaper fund, these reductions will be made clear. Whilst these figures can look very appealing and the thought of a shiny new machine is tempting, never borrow more than you can afford. It is incredibly important to ensure you can comfortably manage the repayments. Please bear in mind that you are setting up a contract and failure to make payments can result in incurring further costs, damaging your credit rating and finally legal enforcements.

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