Construction Essentials: Picking The Perfect Sponge Balls For Your Hose System

Construction Essentials: Picking The Perfect Sponge Balls For Your Hose System

Rubber Hose Sponge Cleaning Balls are a must-have when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of your plastering, rendering, grout, flow screed and cement pumps and machines. These handy sponge balls are simply used to flush your hoses clean after use to keep you machine and hoses working efficiently and in optimum condition.

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Sponge balls are available in a range of sizes to cater to different hose dimensions. At CES, we offer sizes such as 30mm, 45mm, 60mm, 120mm (4 inch), and 150mm (5 inch). These popular cleaning balls are supplied in medium density, making them effective in removing cementitious products from rubber delivery hoses. This means your machines are clean and ready to go for future projects without any worry of residue or leftover material in your hoses which can compromise the product running through the hose.

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How they work

These innovative sponge balls are designed to fit through hoses when compressed and expand upon contact with water or cleaning agents, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process. Made from a soft and absorbent material like polyurethane foam, these sponge balls effortlessly absorb water and soap to help loosen and remove dirt and grime. With their gentle scrubbing action, they effectively eliminate stubborn build-ups without causing any damage to your valuable hoses or pipes. The rubber hose sponge cleaning balls are not only versatile but also cost-effective, making them an essential tool to enhance the performance and durability of your hoses and machines.

How to use sponge balls

Sponge Ball in Hose

-Pump the remaining material out of the hose.

-Place the ball inside the hose.

-Remove the nozzle and the air tube from the spray gun.

-Push the ball into the hose and then connect back up to the pump to push water behind it, and wait until the ball comes out.

-Repeat sending the ball through the hose until it runs clean

Which Size is right for you?

- The 30mm cleaning ball is ideal for 25mm rendering whip hoses or delivery hoses on smaller electric machines like the MixPro 28 or PFT Ritmo. It ensures effective cleaning and prevents any blockages or build-up.

- If you're working with larger electric machines or diesel machines such as the MixPro 50, Compact Pro 80, or SP11 render set up, the 45mm cleaning ball is the perfect choice. It is designed to clean 35mm rendering delivery hoses, ensuring optimal performance.

- When it comes to screed and grout hoses measuring 50mm, the 60mm cleaning ball is the go-to option. It is compatible with popular machines like the Putzmeister SP11, Euromair CP80, and Flow Screed Pumps, providing efficient cleaning for these hoses.

- For traditional screed pumps with a 65mm hose, the 80mm cleaning ball is the recommended size. It effectively removes any residue or debris, ensuring the smooth operation of equipment such as the Putzmeister M760 and M740.

- When working with 4 inch concrete pumping hoses, the 120mm cleaning ball, known as the RoLine cleaning ball, is the ideal choice. It fits perfectly in hoses used with Putzmeister RoLine concrete pumps and similar models, guaranteeing thorough cleaning.

- Lastly, the 150mm cleaning ball is designed for 5 inch concrete pumping hoses, also known as line pumps. It ensures the cleanliness and optimal functioning of these hoses, providing peace of mind for contractors.

With our range of Rubber Hose Sponge Cleaning Balls, contractors can confidently maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of their equipment. Whether you're using smaller electric machines or larger diesel machines, we have the right size cleaning ball to suit your needs. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of our products to keep your hoses in top condition.

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