Render Finishes: Scraped Finish

Render Finishes: Scraped Finish

Rendering is a fantastic way to update and refresh your home as well as creating a weatherproof, more energy efficient exterior coating. Read more about the benefits of render here. > However, when it comes to render there are a whole range of finishes you could opt for. Here we’ll take a look at the popular scraped finish.

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What is a Scraped Render finish?

A scraped render finish is a particularly contemporary look which achieves a crisp and smooth finish. The name says it all, the render is scraped or scratched back to create a flat pitted finish. The more the surface is scraped the finer the texture. This finish is a desirable style for the modern home due to its clean, fresh finish. Monocouche such as Weber Pral M or K Rend K Mono or a thick silicone render is often used for this process, making it quick and easy to apply. Find out more about the advantages of monocouche render here> This process can be used on brickwork, blockwork or concrete (substrates with a good key and suction are essential for sufficient adhesion since render is NOT and adhesive itself). Using a monocouche for your scraped render will also allow you to pick from a wide range of colours as the render is pre-coloured so no need to use masonry paint afterwards.

Where will I find Scraped Render Finishes?

Weber scraped renderThis modern style of render can be typically found on new build houses (image courtesy of Weber). It is a speedy and stylish way to build and finish large new build developments since the homes can be built using blocks (quicker and cheaper than brick) as this won’t be seen with the covering render. Render is often used on extensions to add interest and contrast to the existing house. Equally, often homeowners will extend their home followed by rendering the entire property to give a sense of uniformity.

How do I achieve a Scraped Render finish?

10-1Start by spray applying your monocouche to 18mm (thickness can vary according to environmental factors/exposure/coastal location). Smooth the render and remove air pockets with a serrated rule. Once the render is sufficiently cured (3-16hours depending on weather conditions), you are ready to scrape. Using a scratching tool/toothed scraper work in small circular motions removing no more than 3mm. This scratching motion with eradicate imperfections whilst also creating a super smooth and polished modern aesthetic. Read some of our earlier blogs for more detail on monocouche render application and our top tips for finishing off your render. You must ensure you scrape each elevation at the same cured stage; early scraping will cause a darker shade of render and scraping later with create a lighter tone. Always brush down the surface with a soft bristle brush after scraping to remove render dust and debris. Whilst this is a whistle-stop guide to achieving that scraped render finish, always refer to your product data sheets and seek advice from your material manufacturer if you are unsure. Don't forget CES offers a range of rendering supplies and tools to help you achieve that perfect scraped finish.

What machines can I use?

Mix Pro 28At CES, the Euromair MixPro 28 is a very popular machine for applying monocouche render when looking to achieve that modern finish. This mid-range electric machine has a material output of 20L per minute and due to it’s compact and portable design can be operated by just one person. This model is available for both hire and purchase. If you were planning a larger scale operation on a new housing development for example, the larger diesel Euromair X-Pro D80 could be a good option. With a variable flow rate of up to 60L per minute and a built-in compressor, this machine features design elements for those big jobs. Equally, if you don’t want a such a large road towable machine, the Euromair MixPro 50 is a top-quality rendering machine able to cope with larger capacities. To find the right machine for you give us a call (01494 715472) for expert advice on the best machine for your render project.

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