The Euromair MixPro 28 Takes On K Mono

The Euromair MixPro 28 Takes On K Mono

When K Rend's K Mono launched in Spring 2022, we were delighted to be amongst the first to get our hands on it. We were lucky enough to demo the product at our Open Day. Our Euromair MixPro 28 handled the new monocouche beautifully to give a fantastic finish. So, to sit alongside our YouTube Video, we have put together a blog to guide you when using this product with your rendering machine.

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The Machine

The Euromair MixPro 28 is an electric rendering machine which is compatible with renders, mortars, EWI, grout, fire protection and more. It is easily portable around site and delivers outputs of 20 litres/min. At CES this model is available to purchase or hire and on occasions we have ex-demo machines available at great prices.

2-2The Product

At CES we were delighted to be part of the launch of K Rend’s K Mono in Spring 2022. K Mono is a one coat render which will spray out to 25mm (it can go further but is not recommended). In exposed areas (Wales, Lancashire, Cumbria, Scotland) apply 22mm and scrape back to 18-20mm. In areas of good climate apply at 18mm and finish at 16mm. Always check the manufacturer date prior to using since the monocouche is useable for 1 year from this date if stored in the correct conditions.

3-1Preparation: Stress Points

You should apply mesh cloth around windows/opening. Firstly, skim on 2/3mm of your render (never place the mesh directly onto blockwork as it serves no purpose), then embed the mesh. The mesh should span the entire window plus 400mm on either side (top and bottom of the opening and around the apex of the windowsill). This process can be done in advance and scratched to leave a rough key or it can be done the morning of spraying.

Preparation: Beads

For this demo, we used an 11mm bead. The recommendation is to place an expansion ever 7 linear metres for blockwork and every 6 metres for brickwork. Adhesively fix the beads ensuring you do not follow the blockwork. With the return corners, expose the bead 5-6mm on each side to achieve 11mm on the corner edge.


For this particular product and machine, the water is set to 220. It can take a couple of minutes for the product to reach the gun once the machine is fired up and it is worth spraying into a spare bucket before spraying the wall. Start by filling the beads then move steadily from side to side keeping the spray gun at a consistent distance from the wall. Overlap each line so the render is joined together and less air is trapped in the render. One bag of K Mono will cover one square metre of surface with a 16mm finish.


Using a serrated rule (toothed works better than a straight edge with monocouche), sweep over the render to flatten. This will remove air pockets and help you reach the desired smooth finish. Use excess render to fill in the slacks and ensure the beads are well bedded in.


Using a hawk and trowel and excess render from your bucket, fill any hollows. Next use your spatula to smooth the surface. Use the material on your blade to fill hollows and overfill beads.


In optimum temperatures (14 degrees), your monocouche will be ready to scrape approximately 5 hours later (in cooler temperatures you will need to leave it longer). K Mono will sit comfortably overnight for a window of 19-24hours. Use an I-Bar to scrape using your body to press against the surface. Check the wall is level using the flat edge of the I-Bar.


Using a Render scratcher tool, scratch from the top down moving in circular movements. There should be nothing sticking to your scratcher. If you notice pinholes in the render simply press some excess dried render into a ball and push into the hole in the wall.


Always remember to brush down your wall to remove residue from your scrape. Use a soft brush to brush away loose aggregate. Brush both horizontally and vertically. Avoiding this step nearly always leads to customer complaints when they call to moan that render is falling off the wall! Of course, it isn’t falling off but nevertheless not a step to skip when you’re that close to finishing.


Some projects require additional decorative work which can be done using an Ashlar Cutter. If you are using a 5mm ashlar cutter ensure you finish your render at 20mm so that the cuts are no less than 15mm.

Further information

This is a rather whistle stop tour of applying K Mono render using our Euromair MixPro 28 so if you require further information always give us a call on 01494 715472, we’d be happy to advise you. Equally, we run machine trials prior to purchase to ensure you are confident using your machine and can walk away ready to spray. Why not browse our website for even more rendering supplies.

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