The Power of Drop Film in Safeguarding Your Projects

The Power of Drop Film in Safeguarding Your Projects

Preparation and clean up is always the least exciting element of a project. How many of us just want to get going on the job and see results? However, without taking the time to prep properly, the clean up can become a real hassle and take more time than it should. Anything that can simplify and speed up your preparation is a big win and this is where the power of drop film comes in.

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What is Drop Film?

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Drop Film or masking film is more of a specialist product, not necessarily one you'd find at the local DIY store. However it is well-worth getting your hands on some. Drop film comes on a roll with a pre-taped edge along a folded polythene cloth. Once taped onto the desired surface, you can then unfold your polythene sheeting which comes in a variety of drop lengths according to the space you need to cover. At CES we offer 6 drop lengths, 550mm, 1100mm, 1400mm, 1800mm, 2100mm and 2700mm (many on a 20metre roll).

What can Drop Film be Used for?

Drop film is an incredibly handy product within many trades; painting and decorating, plastering and rendering.  It is used to mask off large areas of your project. It is a really versatile and handy product as it can be used to cover walls, floors, furniture and windows. It then protects these areas from potential drips, splashes, sprays and general dirt and dust. This means tidying up after your project is straightforward without annoying additional clean-ups.

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The Benefits of Drop Film? 

Drop Film is a must-have project that really saves time when it comes to preparation and clean up and ultimately protects your project from drips, splatters and splashes.  With the pre-taped edge it can quickly and easily be applied by one person. The combined tape and polythene sheeting  also means no messing around with separate  masking tape and polythene sheets which can be quite a nightmare.  The tape will adhere to your surface for up to 30 days without leaving any residue. The lightweight roll-out polythene sheeting is easy to unroll and cut to cover your area plus the plastic material creates a static cling meaning it completely masks your area.  The static properties also attract dust and dirt preventing it sticking to your fresh paint, plaster or render. Clear polythene is also perfect for windows or doorways as it still allows the light through. Drop film also offers UV protection.

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