Machinery Lifeline: The Unseen Value Of Regular Services For Peak Performance

Machinery Lifeline: The Unseen Value Of Regular Services For Peak Performance

When it comes to any machinery we have the expectation that it will work when we expect it to especially when it's often an expensive outlay. However, even if they have cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, machinery can partially or completely fail without warning and it's entirely out of our control. One thing we can control is the how we maintain and service our machines which can prevent sudden breakdowns. Read on to find out the benefits of regular servicing. 

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Types of Servicing/Maintenance 

When  it comes to maintenance, we all know the saying prevention is better than cure  Preventive maintenance is servicing that is carried out regularly even if your machine is working absolutely fine. This will mean inspecting your machine for wear and tear and repairing/replacing parts as necessary. Maintaining your machine in this way helps prevent major failures which can be more costly and disruptive. By booking your machine for a service in this way, you can plan the timing and factor in the time it will take to be checked causing no interruption to your workflow and projects.

Predictive Maintenance may require you to be in tune with your machine and its capabilities in order to foresee when a service may be needed. This may be based on number of hours or the number of jobs completed. Again this is a planned service so you are in control and will be able to take into account a time that suits you and your workload.

Corrective Maintenance  occurs when machines break down and these machine repairs are often more expensive. A sudden breakdown can be very disruptive to your installation process. Not to mention you may not be able to be fitted in immediately by a service centre causing further time lags on your project. A break-down mid spray will likely cause inconsistent render/plaster/paint finishes as well as an unhappy customer. An unexpected failure may incur further costs if you need to hire alternative equipment to keep up with your workload as well as the repair costs. 

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The Benefits of Machine Servicing

Machine servicing is invaluable with multiple benefits. By regularly maintaining your machine, you'll extend the lifespan of your equipment, getting even more for your money. You will also lower the risk of sudden breakdowns by keeping on top of how your machine is wearing. Whilst decreasing your likelihood of unexpected breakdowns, you'll also be preventing unplanned downtime on your job. A healthy, well-looked-after machine will improve the efficiency of it as well as reduce operating costs since your machine is working at optimum level. A carefully serviced machine will improve productivity producing a higher quality output and importantly very happy customers. A looked-after machine promotes health and safety in the workplace ensuring accidents are less likely to happen. Overall, you will save money through a longer machine lifespan, less unexpected repairs, better machine efficiency and improved productivity. As a business, a clean well-maintained machine will boost your company image, hopefully leading to more work.

What else should you Factor in when Booking a Service?

If you own just one machine  which is critical for your business and livelihood, planning in your servicing is crucial so that you can factor in jobs around the servicing down-time. Consider how old your machine is since older machines may require a little more TLC. The environment the machine is used in will have implications on the servicing frequency. If it's used in harsher weather conditions or exposed to dust/moisture, it will require more frequent maintenance. It can also be a good idea to take into account the time of year since servicing centres can get incredibly busy during the peak rendering (spring/summer) months; if you can, perhaps book your machine in during the colder months when companies like CES may have more time to fit you in as well as your workload potentially being a little lighter. 

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