Using Old Grout Pumping Technology In Modern Times…

Using Old Grout Pumping Technology In Modern Times…

At CES Hire we receive between thirty and fifty calls a week for grout pump hire from each corner of the United Kingdom. These enquiries range from multinational companies who are looking to pump tonnes of material to sole traders who have small void fill jobs and pretty much everyone in between. We have a range of grout pumps available to hire from our fleet but one piece of equipment we are receiving an increasing amount of enquiries for is our Hand Operated Grout Pumps. This made me think; why on earth are people still opting for this ‘traditional’ method of pumping grout when there are so many easier modern alternatives?


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Obviously the only power these grout pumps require to work is good old elbow grease. With this in mind we have found that they are very popular with customers who are pumping grout in remote areas. Locations we have previously delivered to include; by the side of rail ways or on motorway bridges where there is no power supply for electric pumps and a diesel pump is a bit too ‘over kill’. We do however sometimes supply hand operated grout pumps into central London for work in basements or when there is very limited access on a site.

As a company CES Hire has supplied Hand Operated Grout Pumps for over thirty years. These hand operated units are built in the UK; they are small and relatively portable, intended particularly for use where fine pressure control or limited outputs are required. They can however be used for larger quantities (if your operator has the stamina) of up to 20 litres per minute and 14 bar maximum pressure if required. 

Image: Hand Pump and Mixer CES have provided for 30 years.

Due to the growing demand of customers who want to use hand operated grout pumps we have recently invested in the American built Airplaco Handy-Grout HG-9 Hand Operated Grout Pump. This light weight (30Kg) grout pump has been a great success in the USA. The HG-9 has outputs of up to 7 litres a minute and with a maximum of 7 bar pressure this handy unit can pump up to 6 metres high. See a video of Airplaco Handy-Grout HG-9 Hand Operated Grout Pump in action below…

 Video: Airplaco Handy-Grout HG-9 Hand Operated Grout Pump.

As grout pumping technology keeps on developing it will be very interesting to see if this traditional pumping method sticks around another thirty years. It’s tried and tested so I can’t see why not!

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