My Trip To Euromair In France 07.06.2017

My Trip To Euromair In France 07.06.2017

At CES Hire we are delighted to have been appointed a Euromair UK Distributor for the past 4 years. Over the years we have found a variety of their machines to be very popular with the UK market, both in our hire fleet and as resale machinery. Euromair pride themselves on their innovation of construction spray machinery, which sees them bringing new machinery to the market every year. As CES Hire are a Euromair UK distributor we believe it is very important to have as much knowledge as possible about their range of machinery so that we can offer good solutions to our customers’ problems. With this in mind we try to get as much training from the machinery manufacturer as possible. Below you can read some thoughts from Ben, who takes care of our Sales and Marketing, about his recent trip to the Euromair factory and training centre in the south of France.

On Wednesday 7th June 2017 I woke up at the crack of dawn to begin my journey to the south of France to visit Euromair. I was quite looking forward to the trip as learning about new equipment and how other companies operate really interests me. Car parked, through security and into the departures lounge to tuck into a full English breakfast and browse duty free. Thankfully my flight was on time so off we set to the south of France.

On arrival at Marseille I was met by Thibaud, the Euromair export manager for the UK and Ireland. Thibaud is a very well informed salesman with a great attitude to customer service, he will often respond to phone calls and emails outside of his ‘office hours’ to ensure we have information when we need it. We then travelled to the Euromair factory in Rousset.


Once at the factory I received a very warm welcome by some of the workshop staff who were just returning from their lunch break. I was then introduced to some of the other export managers for other parts of the world including Russia and Turkey. It was very interesting to hear the challenges these guys face when selling in different countries. I then had a tour of the workshops and production line. One thing that really stood out to me when going through these departments was just how well everyone seemed to get on; there was a great atmosphere around the place. It was then time to visit the store room. WOW! Never have I seen so many new machines in one place. Obviously most of the machines they hold in stock are 240v so our lead time in 110v is slightly longer than what it would be elsewhere in Europe however this is something we are looking to address.


On the second day of my visit I was collected by Thibaud from my hotel and taken to the training centre which is around 30 minutes away from the Euromair factory. As you can see from the photo below this training facility is very well presented. With a selection of demo machines and a state of the art jet wash bay (designed and built by Euromair).


The first machine shown to me was a brand new offering from Euromair the T5. This machine is a light weight turbine pump designed to spray paints. I could see it being quite popular with someone who is looking to get into spraying paint. I was then shown through the JetPro 100 and JetMix 100 airless rotor and stator spray pumps. These machines are great for spraying airlessplasters and fillers. They operate at very high pressures of around 100 bar which allows them to spray airless plasters and paints to walls and ceilings. Airless plaster has been used throughout Europe for many years however it is still quite a new concept to the UK market. I can see this market growing over the next few years so watch this space. Once we had pulled these machines apart and cleaned them down it was time to set off for the airport and begin my journey home.


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit on behalf of CES Hire to Euromair, it is very clear to see that they are a company that is going in the right direction and looking to push on to the next level. I am very excited to see which machines from their extensive range we can offer to the UK market next. I would like to say thank you to Thibaud for being a great host and looking after me during my stay and to Patrick (Euromair CEO) for giving me the opportunity to visit his company. I look forward to returning one day.

Ben Woodward – Sales and Marketing
CES Hire Ltd.

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