What is more Cost Effective: Buying or Renting A Rendering Machine?

What is more Cost Effective: Buying or Renting A Rendering Machine?

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You've got a big contract coming up. Your company is expanding. Your rendering machine is on its last legs and needs replacing. But what do you do? Do you buy or rent? It is always very tempting to buy that latest shiny new machine, but is this the best way forward? 

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Let's face it, man is only as good as his tools. Therefore, it goes without saying, you want the best tools for your job. When it comes to rendering, it is all about that perfect final finish and a happy customer so you need the very best rendering machine to achieve that goal. The best machine is of course going to cost you money and this may be the first area to evaluate. Ultimately do you have the capital to buy or rent? At CES, we're here to give you all the facts and help you with your decision. So, let's explore, to have or to hire, that is the question!

The Benefits of Borrowing

CP60Rendering machine hire can be an attractive option. You are getting the very latest machine, serviced, tested and ready to go for a pretty affordable price. There is little initial outlay (other than a small deposit) which keeps a good cash flow for your business. There is a great deal of convenience when it comes to rental machines. Firstly, you can have your pick of top quality machines which can be job specific or particularly specialist so you're not tied to one machine. This also allows you flexibility to try different machines and perhaps take on jobs outside of your remits. As a small company this will allow you to be competitive since it gives even a one-man-band the opportunity to access the same top notch equipment as a larger company.

Secondly you can fairly quickly hire and just as quickly off-hire your machine. Also, the service, maintenance and insurance costs are built into the hire price so it's one less thing for you to worry about. Companies like CES will also deliver and collect your render application machine saving you the hassle of storage though this of course comes at an additional cost. Rental gives you the opportunity to try before you buy to really find the right machine for you and with no ties of a machine to resell at the end of it.

The Hazards of Hire

Though rendering machine hire is a low initial investment, if you need the machine for some time the cost can quickly mount up. You need to be particularly well-planned with your project otherwise you can end up hiring a machine and it sitting on site doing nothing which costs you money. However, planning in construction is always tricky as one delay can have a knock-on effect.  Another downside of hiring, is that rental companies cannot always guarantee the machine you need exactly when you want it. This can lead to further delays and unhappy customers.

A Bonus when you Buy?

Mix Pro 14Rendering is a specialist area as well as a particularly sought-after skill. So, in our expert opinion buying a rendering machine can be a great investment as it will be used time and time again. The general rule of thumb is that buying a machine is a great option if you know you will use it 60-70% of the time. You should look beyond your current financial situation and project the costs over several months or years. Long term, buying your rendering machine is cheaper and don't forget that you'll get a return on your investment when you no longer need it. If you have a lengthy project or several jobs lined up, buying can be a wise move.

When you own, you have complete control over the machines use and can react to the unexpected/emergencies and have the machine at your fingertips 24/7. This can be very attractive to customers and build up your credibility as you are not seen as those builders who are always waiting around with a cuppa in hand! You will come across as reliable and well-equipped, not to mention that when you invest in a single machine, you can really master it. Mastery of the machine really will increase productivity and ultimately increase that bottom line. Not forgetting the fact that rendering is no long seasonal; with products like accelerator, you can work in all weathers. You'll certainly be getting your money's worth from your machine. 

The Obstacles when Owning

One of the main downsides of buying your automatic wall rendering machine is the fleet management. It is down to you to service and maintain your machine. When machines breakdown parts can be costly or there may even be the inconvenience of waiting for a part; all very frustrating. Don't forget, you will also need to factor in insurance and storage costs into buying your rendering machine.

Owning without the Outlay

Remember, buying doesn't always require you re-mortgaging your home! As well as a wide range of rendering machines for sale at different price points, there is also the option of buying second hand or buying on finance. A well maintained, second hand or ex-demo machine can be just as good as buying new. Take a look at some of the machines CES have to offer. Financing is also worth exploring with attractive interest rates available and with rental costing 2-4 times more than financing and you'll have an asset to show for it.

CES are always here to help with your questions related to machines or rendering supplies. Whether you're looking to try before you buy and hire or make that step to owning your own machine, we can help. Call us on 01494 715472 or email us at info@ces-hire.com if you have any further questions.

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