What is the Difference Between Painters Tape And Masking Tape?

What is the Difference Between Painters Tape And Masking Tape?

Tape shopping; it's a little bit like a pick 'n' mix counter. All the different colours, all the different widths, all the different features, all a bit of a headache! There's duct, masking, adhesive, cellophane, double-sided, plumbers, electrical and painters, all vying for your attention and essentially your wallet! It's important to go in knowing exactly what you want but today it's all about the tape for you painters and decorators. So, what is the difference between painters tape and masking tape? 

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Painter's Tape vs Masking Tape

Painters tapeIt's painter's tape vs masking tape, let the battle commence! From initial appearance these tapes can seem very similar. They both have a crepe paper backing, both are easy to tear and can be written on, they are a similar weight and importantly can achieve straight lines. These tapes are part of the same family, however that's where the similarities end. Many people will ask is masking tape the same as painters tape? It is worth remembering that all painter's tapes are masking tapes but NOT all masking tapes are painters tapes. The right tape can really make or break a job, so choose wisely. 

Perfecting the job with Painters Tape

Painters tape vs masking tapePainters tape really will give you that professional finish. Primarily this tape will help you achieve clean, crisp lines. This is due to the tape being designed with water absorbent polymers along the edges which repel the paint and help create the perfect line, no paint bleed in sight! The water resistant properties ensure that the tape doesn't crinkle and allow paint to seep beneath it. Painters masking tape is also designed to be compatible with a wide range of paints. The adhesive level is perfectly balanced to make sure no residue is left behind even when the tape is left on for up two weeks (be aware tapes can vary in these timings). The benefits of this include, quicker clean up time without that pesky residue and no rushing to complete your job which could cause costly and annoying mistakes. Since painters tape can remain in situ for days or even weeks, you can take on intricate designs and large jobs and can mask up in one go. The specialist design also means this tape will not lift existing paint off the wall or cause unsightly paint peeling. What's the catch, I hear you ask? Painters tape can be a little more expensive that traditional masking tape but in our opinion, worth every penny.

Deltec pinkDeltec goldCES are stockists of a wide range of Deltec tapes which boast all of the brilliant features of painters masking tape. Our Blue Dolphin Hybrid tape is also a very popular product that does the job when it comes to residue-free removal, bleed-free painting, easy tear and multi-material use. 


Un-masking The Tape

Painters tapeThe allure of masking tape is the cost. The traditional cream/white roll is easy to pick up anywhere and is easy on the bank balance so it would be very tempting to do your prep work with this household staple. However, whilst it can (said tentatively) achieve straight lines, it is not all that reliable. The main difference between the tapes is the adhesive coating. Masking tape is a natural rubber adhesive which although has great sticking power, there are some downsides. Just like a plaster on that wound, when left on for some time, it is likely to leave a sticky residue. This residue can be frustrating since it is hard to clean and adds on a lot of additional clean up time at the end of your job. It also must be removed quickly, if not there are the consequences not only of messy residue but also peeling paint from the original wall. Masking tape won't give you that professional bleed-free, clean finish. Often, water-based paint will cause the tape to pucker which allows paint to seep onto the surface below. Consequently masking tapes won't create that crisp line that the customer is after.

What other tapes do CES stock?

Blue DolphinWhilst we hope we've answered that question can you use masking tape as painters tape, don't forget CES also stock a range of other popular tapes for interior and exterior, rendering and plastering. Our Blue Dolphin range is extremely popular with the Blue Dolphin ideal to apply to windows and smooth surfaces and the Orange version, perfect for render and rough surfaces. Happy pick 'n' mix tape shopping!

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