Do I need Planning Permission to Render my House?

Do I need Planning Permission to Render my House?

Is Planning Permission Leaving You Confused?

Planning permission has been in place since July 1st 1948 and restricts the changes you can make to your property without prior permission. Add to the mix Permitted Development Rights which were bought in on 25th May 2019 and you may now feel a little confused as to what you can and can’t do to your home. For complete up to date advice relevant to you and your location head to

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Rendering Regulations 

The official guidance would state that you do not require planning permission if the materials used are of a similar appearance to those used in construction of the house. However, there are many caveats to this overarching rule. You would need to apply for planning permission if:39

  • Your property is listed 
  • You live in a conservation area (e.g. a national park or area of outstanding beauty)
  • The materials don’t match the original house construction e.g. you are re-rendering in a different colour, rendering over brickwork, rendering over pebbledash, removing pebbledash and replacing with render.

However if none of the above apply to you, then rendering your home would fall into Permitted Development Rights.

All these stipulations make rendering and planning permission a bit of a grey area so it is worth applying for planning permission for peace of mind. You don’t want to be in a situation in which you have breached regulations; removing render would be far more work than the original install! You will also find that if you live in a national park there may be certain render types and colours specified by the Local Authority that you must abide by.

Planning Permission Vs Building Regulations 

Whilst planning permission deals with the appearance of the property in relation to the neighbouring area, building regulations consider the building’s construction and design with regards to health and safety and energy efficiency. If you are rendering more than 25% of a property you must seek consent from building regulations. If you believe you may need building regulations approval and aren’t working with a company registered with the Competent Person Scheme, you can check via your local or private building control body.

For further rendering advice check out our ever-expanding plethora of specialist rendering blogs or give us a call for expert advice and rendering supplies.

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