Forced Action Mixers: The New, More Versatile Cement Mixer

Forced Action Mixers: The New, More Versatile Cement Mixer

Forced Action Mixers: The New, More Versatile Cement Mixer

Move over Cement Mixer…There’s a New Kid on The Block

The cement mixer has long been a staple piece of kit on a building site and is often chosen as people are not familiar with or aware of an alternative. However, when it comes to mixing materials, the Forced Action Mixer really does lead the way and copes with the most demanding of mixes. The Forced Action Mixer which is also known as a resin mixer, pan mixer, upright mixer or agitator mixer is an upgrade on the traditional cement mixer achieving a more thorough and consistent mix in a much quicker time. For more on the Forced Action Mixer click here >

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The Cement Mixer: A Blast From the Past

The cement mixer has often been the go-to for mixing materials having been around since the early 1900s. The rotating drum means it relies on gravity to mix the material. Whilst it is a pretty solid piece of kit, it doesn’t quite last as long as the it’s successor The Forced Action Mixer. It is mostly suitable to mix sand and cement or concrete mixes and doesn’t have quite the versatility of a pan mixer since it can only be used for smooth, non-viscous materials.

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The Modern Way to Mix

The reliable Forced Action Mixer is designed with a powerful motor which means speedier and more efficient mixing. The machine also has greater mixing capabilities and can cope with lime putty, render, resin-bound gravel, sand and cement, paint, epoxy resins, mortar, concrete, screeds, plaster and polymer-based minerals. The pan mixer is designed with arms/blades that rotate within a static drum. The blades reach all corners and prevent dry spots. The mixing arms are incredibly robust and cut through the material to ensure a thorough mix.


Benefits of a Forced Action Mixer

The Forced Action Mixer is really at the top of its game for mixing a variety of materials. The benefits include:

Increased mixing speed means that material can be mixed in 3-5 minutes enabling more material to be turned around and projects to be completed more quickly.

Superior efficiency with mixing enabling more accurate planning of jobs and estimation of mixing times

More powerful motor operating the mixing blades to create a more consistent and even mix.

Achieving an extremely well-blended mix with an improved water absorption. This means the mixer can also cope with earth moist concrete which can get very wet however the pan mixer will properly achieve a lump-free mix.  

A versatile mixer with greater mixing capabilities eliminating the need for multiple bits of kit.

A portable machine enabling both indoor and outdoor work as well as easily manoeuvred from site to site

Needing minimal maintenance especially if you keep the drum clean. For more on maintenance head to this blog >

Durability and reliability with well-designed safety aspects. The emergency stop features mean that if the grill is lifted the machine immediately cuts out.

Mixers Available at CES 

At CES Hire we stock Baron Forced Action Mixers which are available for hire and purchase. These powerful mixers are available in a variety of sizes to cope with different job specifications. Find out more about our mixers for hire here >

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