Mix It Up: 8 Must-have Features to Select the Perfect Forced Action Mixer

Mix It Up: 8 Must-have Features to Select the Perfect Forced Action Mixer

Forced Action Mixers or Pan Mixers are a fantastic piece of kit with superb mixing capabilities. They are often the chosen machine for installing resin driveways/surfaces and certainly make the process more efficient (take a look at more benefits of a Forced Action Mixer here >). As a fairly large expense, you want to ensure you are selecting the right mixer for your needs. With so many mixers out there there are some key things to consider when choosing your machine. We’ll run you through our must-have features to look out for when selecting a machine.

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Low Maintenance

Mixers are relatively low maintenance machines so the cost of their upkeep is relatively low. With a robust design, they really are built to last and are incredibly easy to clean as long as you keep on top of your cleaning. Check out our blog on Mixer Maintenance for more information > Clean promptly once you’ve completed your mix to prevent material drying on the drum and becoming a challenge to remove. The drum, mixing paddles and outlet/trapdoor are essential elements to keep clean so look at how accessible those parts and in the case of the blades, if they can be removed simply to enable a thorough clean.

Safety Features

Safety is imperative when using any machinery so if a mixer brand is prioritising your safety this is another tick on the list. Look for simple, well-designed safety aspects. Features such as accessible emergency stop buttons, safety outlet grill, zero voltage release, robust frames and stable pans are elements to look out for when hiring or purchasing your mixer. Brands such as Baron design mixers that immediately cut off the power when the safety grill is lifted.



When you’re zooming from project to project, having a portable mixer is essential. Most mixers are designed with wheels to easily manoeuvre around the site by a single person. Look for hardy wheels/tyres that can withstand the uneven and rough site terrain. It is also advisable to check out the mixer weight. A lighter-weight mixer makes life much easier when loading the equipment into your van.

Mixing Capabilities

Forces Action Mixers are certainly an upgrade on the old-fashioned cement mixer (read more on this here >) and one of the upsides of mixers is their mixing versatility. Forced action mixers are suitable for both commercial and residential use. There are also a range of sizes available with smaller and larger mixing capacities so be clear on the most suitable size for you when considering your mixer purchase.  A Forced Action Mixer can cope with a wide range of materials including:Clean forced action mixer drum

  • Cement mortar
  • Resin bound aggregate
  • Rubber crumb
  • Specialist screeds
  • Traditional lime based materials
  • Concrete Repair and Coatings
  • Resin Bonded
  • Screeds
  • Wet Pour Safety Surfaces
  • Polymers 

Design Features

Mixers are designed to make your life easier and reduce manual labour. They are generally very simple to use therefore can be used by tradesmen that are just starting out as well as more experienced professional craftsmen. Look for a mixer that has been designed with ergonomics in mind, with features such as 

  • An outlet height for easy use
  • Adjustable mixer shovels
  • Easily operated by a single person
  • A motor shield to protect against dirt
  • Practical handles for easy-loading
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Light-weight and portable

Servicing & Parts

Whilst mixers are very low-maintenance, it is always reassuring to know that parts are easy to get hold of should you need them at short notice. In the event of a breakdown, you want to be sure that a good range of parts are available. At CES our servicing department stocks a wide range of parts and accessories that can be quickly shipped to enable you to swiftly continue with your install without too much interruption. When selecting your mixer, you should also be aware of servicing depots that can support you with technical queries or servicing needs. Again, this is something CES can assist you with, having a great servicing department with superb experience and technical expertise. . 


Always ensure your mixer comes with a warranty (many will be a 12 month option). It is also worth checking whether you need to register your equipment to successfully protect your machine. 

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation and customer reviews about the mixer you’re pondering is certainly something to consider in your decision-making process. With social media so prevalent, it’s incredibly easy to find authentic reviews of machines from the guys that are actually using them. Check out the brand behind the machine too, are they reliable and focused on consistent quality and performance of their machines? Do they seem professional and have a focus on customer support and safety? 

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