The Science Of Screeding: An In-Depth Look At The Top Liquid Screed Machines

The Science Of Screeding: An In-Depth Look At The Top Liquid Screed Machines

Liquid screed machines have revolutionised the flooring industry, providing a seamless and efficient way to achieve level and smooth surfaces (find out more about the benefits of a screed pump here>). With a wide range of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right liquid screed machine for your specific requirements. In this in-depth look, we will explore the top liquid screed machines offered at CES and help you make an informed decision.

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At CES we offer a selection of liquid flow screed or latex screed pumps to cope with the variations of different materials, project sizes and site restrictions. Of the five machines below, the first two are electric versions that will be used for bagged products. The final three machines are diesel pumps which offer a larger output and are compatible with liquid flow screed provided by a ready-mix truck.

MixPro 28-11. Euromair MixPro 28- Our smallest electric machine for flow screed is the Euromair MixPro 28 and can even be transported by one person. This 240volt machine is a continuous mixer pump designed with a 70litre hopper capacity for your bagged machine-apply able floor screed. It has a built in water meter with digital display to easily control your product to water ratio. When fitted with a Mixer 26 Rotor and Stator, the MixPro 28 will pump up to 16litres per minute. However, you can also fit a Mixer 32 rotor and stator to enable a maximum pumping output of 30litres per minute.



MixPro 502. Euromair MixPro 50: This is the second in our offering of electric screed pumps compatible with  bagged latex screeds for example Sika Latex self-levelling or MaiPei Ultraplan amongst others. This is also a continuous mixer pump and similarly comes with built in water pump and flow meter. The difference with this pump is it's Three-Phase with a bigger hopper capacity of 150litres. Whilst there is no variable output, you can switch the rotor and stator to achieve different pumping speeds. When fitted with a D6-3 rotor and stator, you can pump up to 22litres per minute where as the D8-2 fitting will help you achieve a higher output of up to 32litres per minute.

Euromair D80


3. Euromair X-Pro D80: This is the smallest of our diesel machines and is more of a multitasking machine since it's primarily a rendering machine. However with a conversion kit (including adaption tie bars, outlet and a MAP 9 rotor and stator), this machine will also pump liquid flow screed. The D80 is designed with a four cylinder Kohler engine and a 200litre capacity hopper. This powerful unit has an adjustable flow rate but can efficiently pump up to 60litres per minute.

Euromair D1404. Euromair X-Pro D140: Moving on to the second of our diesel offering and the smaller of our two flow screed specific machines. The Euromair X-Pro D140 can guarantee a continuous product flow coping easily with the metallic or synthetic fibres in liquid screed. Similar to the D80, this machine also has a four cylinder Kohler engine but boasts a higher output. This powerful machine pumps calcium sulphate self-levelling (anhydrite) and cement self-levelling at a maximum rate of 200litres per minute (14m³ per hour). It is fitted with a 60R12 rotor and stator enabling it pump up to 120m flat distance and a maximum aggregate of 8mm. One of the many advantages of the D140 is just how easy it is to maintain and service with accessible simple components.

Euromair D2005. Euromair X-Pro D200: The final of our trio of diesel flow screed pumps comes in the shape of the Euromair X-Pro D200, the bigger brother to the D140. This machine is equipped with a 36KW powerful 4 cylinder Kohler engine to cope with demanding large construction site work. Features are supersized on this machine, with a fuel tank capacity of 41.5litres and a hopper capacity of 190litres. All in all, the D200's powerful capabilities enable a higher output of up to 25m³ per hour. 

When selecting the right liquid screed machine, it is crucial to consider factors such as project size, budget, and specific requirements. Each of the top machines mentioned above offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs. By understanding the capabilities and limitations of each machine, you can make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your flooring project.

In conclusion, liquid screed machines have transformed the way flooring is done, providing efficiency, precision, and superior results. With the top liquid screed machines mentioned above, you can achieve a seamless and level surface effortlessly. Check out some of our other blogs to delve into our top tips for preparing to pump flow screed as well as the most useful flow screed tools. Invest in the right machine, and witness the difference it makes in your flooring endeavours.

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