Keep you machines humming: The importance of regular service and maintenance

Keep you machines humming: The importance of regular service and maintenance

When we arrive at site each morning we simply expect to fire up the rendering/plastering/screeding/grouting machine and get the job done. However this won’t always happen if you push your machine to the limit without giving it some TLC inbetween. Servicing and maintenance is crucial for so many reasons which we’ll explore in this blog.

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What happens if I skip a service?

If you’re someone that tends to wing it and think, ‘what’s the worst that can happen’; you’ll no doubt feel a huge sense of frustration if your machine suffers a malfunction. Not only is this kind of unexpected breakdown inconvenient but it can also end up costing you more and having a bigger impact on your work and company. From your machine suddenly tripping out, to issues with the pressure dropping and of course the dreaded blocked hoses, all of these unplanned problems become a real headache when it happens mid-spray/install.

Why is service and maintenance important?

1. Lengthens the lifespan of your machine

If you work your machine to the bone it increases the stress on the machine. Regular service and maintenance keeps it working at optimum level for longer. Become familiar with the wear parts such as mixing paddle and/or rotor and stator and assess these regularly. Also, keep grease- points lubricated so your machine runs at its best in between services.

Service and Maintenance Blog 12. Saves you money in the long-term

Whilst you may feel smug to save the pennies and skip a service, if you’re running a machine that is damaged, it will not be working efficiently. This will cause further damage costing you more when you eventually decide to service.

3. Lowers the risk of breakdowns

Keeping on top of your machine maintenance and going on the ‘prevention is better than cure’ mantra should reduce the risk of a sudden and unplanned breakdown. We recommend servicing every 150 hours.

4. Avoids Unplanned downtime

When you don’t commit to regular servicing, a sudden problem is more likely to occur. This can be incredibly frustrating midspray and does not only mean halting procedures on the current job but also causing delays on future jobs. Especially when you factor in that you may not be able to get your machine assessed and repaired immediately.

5. Increases machine efficiency

When your machine is thoroughly serviced and maintained, it will always run more efficiently. Consequently, this means quicker application and less material wastage; all positives for the contractor and customer.

Service and Maintenance Blog 26. Boosts customer satisfaction

Running to time on jobs, showing up with clean well-maintained machines and showcasing a slick spray/pump process (not one where you have to give the machine a good kick to get it started) will create a great impression on customers. They’re also more likely to positively review and recommend you.

7. Ensures better finish

With plastering, rendering and flow screed, it’s all about the smooth perfect finish. If your machine is running at optimum level, it is going to create the desired flawless outcome whilst spraying efficiently and wasting less material.

8. Improves company image

Sites are often dusty and dirty places and can leave machines in a bit of a mess plus the dirt is abrasive and can impact your machine mechanisms. Maintaining your machine by keeping it clean is a priority and will enable you to spot faults more easily as well as improve your company image.

Service and Maintenance Blog 39. Promotes health and safety

Health and safety is of utmost importance when on a site with plant machinery and a damaged or deteriorating machine could cause an accident. Equipment to look out for include perished hoses which under pressure can split and cause an injury. Tow bars (for road towable units) are also important to check since a damaged tow bar could harm the driver, other road-users and pedestrians. 

What Can I do?

As well as booking your machine in with a reputable servicing company (don’t forget CES service many machines even if you’ve not purchased from us), there are things you can implement to keep your machine in tiptop condition. I think all the guys in our workshop would agree with the number one priority being, keep your machine clean! Read our blog on why this is so important here > It is also worth keeping spare parts on standby, for example a rotor and stator which you could quickly fit mid-spray if you needed to. Finally performing those daily checks and getting familiar with your machine will really pay you back. Make sure you’re greasing parts, topping up oils, checking hoses and filters. For more detailed and specific guidance on maintenance of machines, check out one of the blogs below:

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